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That's not to say the Xoom isn't good looking -- it is -- but there isn't much original going on with the general industrial design that's at play here. At 9.8 inches wide by 6.6 inches tall (with a thickness of a half inch), the device isn't massive (albeit a little unwieldy when held in portrait), and its 1.5 pound weight gives it heft without killing your arms -- though it still strains your muscles a bit if you're holding the tablet up for an extended period of time.The Xoom is clearly meant to be used in landscape mode more than portrait (though it can be rotated any way you prefer).

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The powerful home screen widget is the coolest feature.

Besides boasting that fancy new software (a completely redesigned experience masterminded by the man behind web OS, Matias Duarte), the Xoom is equipped with formidable hardware.

The 1GHz, NVIDIA Tegra 2-based slate boasts a sizable 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a 10.1-inch, 1280 x 800 capacitive display, 3G connectivity (Verizon on our review unit), along with front and rear facing cameras, HD video capability, and loads of wireless options. With a list price off contract of 9, the Xoom is quite a pricey piece of technology to own.

The aspect ratio is substantially different as well, meaning that the Xoom feels a lot longer (or taller) than the i Pad.

In general, we felt portrait use was slightly uncomfortable given the size, but not in any way a dealbreaker.


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