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She won’t hang with you at the bookstore/library/thrift store with a really good used books selection.

You leave the house for one reason and one reason only: to gather more books.

She doesn’t understand your obsession with pretty book covers.

You can’t help it if the only thing you want to do is take pictures of all the pretty books you see.

At any age over 20, you should know the difference between your/you're and they're/there/their etc.

There is something so inherently hair raising about the sound of someone loudly eating that I know you can probably hear it in your head right now and just want this sentence to end.How could I have ever imagined a complete hypothetical future of a mortgage and two kids with someone who orders ?Excessively milky hot beverages may be an extreme example, but it’s not the only petty turn off that is a complete dating deal breaker. The way someone communicates over text is important.Covers are fascinating, and yes, you going to spend copious amounts of time hyperanalyzing font choices and color combinations.If she isn’t prepared to listen to your rants about cover art photoshop chop-jobs, there’s a curb or two you’d like to kick her to. Last but not least, look: you’ve read enough YA novels to know the apocalypse is coming (and sooner rather than later). You’ve just had a wonderful first date with a really cute boy/girl/androgynous snowman, and you’re finally feeling like you have it all: love, chocolate, and a quickly multiplying collection of Sarah J. Then, just as you’re getting comfortable, IT happens. After all, there are dozens of books released every week, and you’ve got to stay focused if you want to keep up. So if you find your adorably androgynous snowman doing any of the following, it’s time to stop, drop, and roll back to your nearest bookstore. Look, anyone who’s going to date you needs to know that, first and foremost, your devotion is to your to-read list.But Simon and Augustus and Draco and the lot have been in your life far longer than this chick, and you’re not going to give them up now.He thinks you read “kids’ books.” If he thinks it’s okay to look down on your personal reading choices, he’s got another think coming.Words exist for a reason, so use them and construct a full sentence. Anyone aged 15-27 is already severely addicted to social media so when you’re *extra* addicted, that’s really saying something.Even worse is when everything is communicated through niche abbreviations that I have to Google to understand. Interact with the alive and breathing human in front of you instead of pedantically tallying how many likes you got on your latest post.


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