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They aren’t trapped by their anxieties in their head, thinking about the perfect thing to say next. This is what will distinguish you from the people around you.

Not wealth, not status, not power, we want women to like you for who you are. Week 4: Touch (anxieties about when and how to touch, aversion to physical contact)It’s common for people to have anxieties about physical contact.

Not only will this help to develop stronger bonds with the people in your life, it will ensure that the relationships that you want to progress intimately, move in that direction.

Week 5: Rejection (women challenging you, rejecting you, and effecting your self esteem)Often, when man first interacts with a woman, she’ll get nervous and either act uninterested or screen him as she deals with her own anxieties.

But the rewards for great leadership are substantial.

At the other extreme, if a woman has enough comfort, she’ll have sex with a man she isn’t attracted to. Additional Topics: Navigation of space and situation (anxieties about getting close to the woman that you want, awkward situations, her friends, spontaneous intimacy)When you meet a woman that you are attracted to, there are points when you have to take a risk to move the interaction along.

In addition, we tend to cap our classes at about 8 students, depending upon the availability of our coaching team.

The program is now being offered in several cities.

Both in friendships, or as someone attempts to progress a relationship into intimacy.

This begins with the trust built by a simple handshake and can continue into the most intimate forms of physical and sexual contact.


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  2. Clients hire them to seek use of their self-development and self-love techniques to achieve great relationships, increased communication skills, healthy lifestyle balance and dating charisma. Their solution-focused approach benefits clients in developing fulfilling relationships and lifestyle balance. Jan and Jillian's areas of.

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