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Her storybook relationship with Noble didn’t last long after she was “blinded” by Tajiri’s mist.

In the late '90s, they were no longer known simply as women, they became "divas." They had their own division, titles and storylines. Even though the term "diva" is fairly new for WWE, the contribution of women to the company goes back much further.Massaro's biggest match during her tenure in WWE was her shot at the Women's Championship at Wrestle Mania XXIII against Melina.In 2008, a strange story emerged of Massaro involving an escort service scandal. The official story was that her daughter was sick, but whatever the real reason was, she has yet to ever return.The two were a solid act, and she soon began to feud with the classier Torrie Wilson.Nidia was solidly entertaining in her trailer trash heel role and was a great foil for Wilson.Alexa is like a female Hulk Hogan, for she is a wrestling legend in her division and a tremendous cock sucker.And just like Hulk Hogan Alexa is in desperate need of being put in “the camel clutch” to break her back and make her humble, as you can see in the video clip below.You can also browse apartments for rent in New York by location, by type of apartment, or by number of bedrooms by clicking on any of the links in the "Browse Rentals" section.If you need to do your research about your ideal New York apartment community, or you need up-to-date real estate news, data and other facts, this site also presents you with links to relevant real estate resources in the "About Your Community" section.Demi Lovato is absolutely smitten with her new girlfriend Alexa Vega.You may recognize Alexa Vega as the star of the “Spy Kids” trilogy or as the mean faced dyke next to Demi in the picture above.


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