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Wp rss feed not updating

Earlier this month we released the next major version of WP Customer Reviews – version 3.0.

We are now up to 3.0.5 after addressing some bugs and adding a few small features. The plugin will still be free and have most of the features it has now, plus, additional features to be released with the premium version of the plugin.

(5) Upgrade "Upgrade" means a major-scale release of a product with introduction of a new function or improvement in the key functionality of the Software. Except as specified in this Agreement, the Client may not provide any third party the whole or part of functions of the Software, nor may the Client receive from any third party a consideration for the use of the Software, no matter what the purpose of use is.

Release of an Upgrade may be confirmed by a change of the figure before the decimal point of the version number. Six Apart shall be entitled to determine whether the use by the Client is pursuant to this Agreement or not.

But if for some reason you are not, then it is in your best interest to follow this tutorial.

There are many ways to get rid of the Word Press version number from your header. Some sites will recommend that you open your But both of these ways are offering you an incomplete solution.

These ways will simply remove the Word Press version number from your head area.

Release of an Update may be confirmed by a change of the figure after the decimal point of the version number.

For example, a change from X.1 to X.2 represents an Update. Designation of either the "Update" or the "Upgrade" shall be made by Six Apart. Use of Software Pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, the Client shall be granted a license to use, on a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable basis, the Software for the purpose of the Client's own use (if the Client is a corporation, entity or organization, use of the Software by an individual belonging to the Client or any similar individuals designated by the Client from among individuals within the scope permitted by Six Apart in accordance with the License Policy, as the use of the Software by the Client pursuant to this Agreement), and, if the Client operates a community, for the purpose of use within the community by participants therein.


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