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Check out the new 52 minute video of Max fucking me!To judge by the response on the internet, the most powerful woman in the global motor industry struck a resounding chord with the sisterhood all over the world this week when she complained that car salesmen often talk down to her because of her sex.As the chief executive of the French giant Citroen, Linda Jackson says she regularly visits showrooms incognito, to see how rivals are selling their cars.‘You do learn a lot about how the customer is treated,’ the 58-year-old British grandmother told the Mail’s Ray Massey.‘Sometimes you go into a showroom with your husband and they just turn to your male partner and say: “How would you like to spend your money?One told me that when she took her car to be fixed after she had reversed into a bollard (I must resist the temptation to make a sexist remark about female spatial awareness), the man at the garage sucked his breath through his teeth, shook his head and said: ‘Your husband’s not going to like that!’What had her husband got to do with it, she wanted to know. It was none of her husband’s business — and deeply insulting of the mechanic to suggest that it was.With the ‘gender pay gap’ fast narrowing, they are also taking over whole professions, outnumbering men at universities, in teaching and in medicine.That’s not to mention the sex of the Prime Minister.

On the contrary — again, if I’ve got her right — she believes women approach car-buying differently from men.‘When women go into a dealership, they want to touch, feel and drive the car,’ she says. Though he came from the other end of the spectrum — by which I mean that the kitchen was traditionally seen as a woman’s province, the garage as a man’s — he agreed with her absolutely on two points.

Can’t they at least let us pretend — if only on a garage forecourt — that we’re the ones who wear the trousers?

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” This is what we need to change.’Cue a chorus of ‘hear, hears’ from women in the comments section of Mail Online, recounting their own experiences of being patronised by salesmen.‘I am the earner in my marriage,’ wrote someone who identified herself only as Susiette, of Wonderland, United Kingdom.

‘Earn five times more than my husband, yet when we go to buy something — car, furniture, house — sales person talks to my husband and ignores me.’At the office yesterday, almost every female colleague I consulted had similar complaints — many of them frothing with fury over the way they’d been treated by car salesmen and mechanics.


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