Whos dating

When he learns his wife and Rebecca are still fighting Scott encourages Paula to fix things with her.

Over in Los Angeles, Josh meets with new girlfriend Anna at a trendy coffee shop.

They then observe a customer exiting the salon with a pouch of white powder.

The duo return to Rebecca's car and jump to the conclusion that Anna's a drug dealer.

After ordering coffee, Josh gives Anna a gift for her pet cat Gravy and they take selfies together which they post on Instagram.

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Meanwhile, Paula is still at home having lost track of time studying Law with her classmate Sunil Odhav.

Anna mentions she'll find out who hit Gravy as her salon has outside surveillance cameras.

That night Rebecca and Valencia sneak into the salon thanks to "Allegra" having stolen Anna's keys.

Stars including January Jones, Sarah Hyland and Kris Jenner have reportedly dated Bachelor Nation standouts through the years.

From brief flings to serious relationships, scroll down to find out which celebrities have taken a chance on love with stars from the long-running ABC franchise.


  1. At Whitefeather & Associates, Paula is at her desk redecorating it to better reflect her new law school obsession. After their recent argument Rebecca at first ignores Paula, then tells her she refuses to apologize and finally pleads for them to make up. Paula is reluctant as she's unsure the issues between them can be easily.

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