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Who is trish stratus dating 2016 dating joseph gordon

Relationships in wrestling are about as common as they come.

Put any group of attractive and athletic people together and have them travel on the road more often than they’re home and sparks are bound to fly.

However, in Hardcore Holly’s book, , Holly claims that Stratus and The Rock got a little too close for comfort, alleging that Stratus only got her push in the company because of her name in the fitness world before adding, “I’m sure her relationship with Rocky didn’t hurt either.” While Stratus has often credited The Rock with being a mentor of sorts for her, having taken her under his wing early in her wrestling career, this feels like a rumor best put to bed.

Both parties were involved in very committed relationships at the time; Stratus with her high school sweetheart Ron Fisico and Johnson with his first wife, Dany Garcia and seeing as Stratus and Fisico are now married and Johnson remains close friends and business partners with his now ex-wife, it’s hard to believe an affair materialized between the two stars.

In many ways, Stratus is the gold standard that all other women’s wrestlers in the WWE are held to, paving the way for generations to come and proving just how successful a woman can be in the sport. When the Toronto-native began delivering Stratusfaction in March of 2000, she was hardly positioned as the next great athletic powerhouse.

Having previously made a name for herself as a fitness model, Stratus was often seen as just another pretty face, her sexuality focused on over her physical prowess.

Ever since I was a kid, I was in love with the sport that revolves around the “squared circle”.

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Wrestlers are known to be extremely finicky about boastfulness and this was likely a case of Stratus being unaware of unconventional wrestling traditions early on.So, no, they had never talked to me about that.” Still, it’s hard to imagine Stratus wouldn’t have been their first choice had timing worked out differently, her hometown being the perfect venue for her WWE return. While many entertainers have found unique ways into the industry, it’s rare that one can take credit for essentially hiring oneself.However, that’s exactly what one rumor suggests Stratus did.When you hear the name Trish Stratus, a lot probably comes to mind.The record-breaking women’s champion is fondly remembered by wrestling fans as one of the greatest female competitors the sport has ever seen, deftly combining her athleticism with beauty, charisma and extreme likability in a way that no other woman has managed to duplicate.Be sure to take any of these rumors with a grain of salt.The Attitude Era was known for its envelope-pushing storylines especially when it comes to female sexuality and while WWE programming is no stranger to using a little girl-on-girl action for a ratings boost, one storyline that never got off the ground was a rumored lesbian angle between Stratus and fan-favorite Torrie Wilson.Which ones should you put to bed forever and which ones are worth a closer look?We're going to look over those rumors here and see if there could possibly be any validity to them.The story goes like this; prior to signing with the promotion, Stratus was a major player in the fitness modelling world looking to transition into a wrestling career.So she did what anyone in her position would do, posted a rumor online that she was being signed by the WWE in hopes that it would get their attention and prompt them to seriously consider it. Difficult to say; Stratus is certainly known for being a savvy businesswoman but if said rumor is in fact how she first got noticed by the organization, it will likely never come to light.


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