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No amount of energy from any system, from the sun, of from billions of years will bring any system from a disorderly state into an orderly state unless influenced by an intelligent agent or its intermediary.

Thus, we have proven that indeed the entropy of the Universe would never decrease unless the presence of an Intelligent agent was there at the beginning.“Energy coming from the Sun can decrease the entropy of local systems on Earth”. However in order for the Sun to decrease the entropy of any system, there must already exist a living organism that makes use of the Sun’s energy, and convert it from total disorder into an orderly mechanism of life sustenance.The author fails once again to be true to science, with his illustration, as energy that comes from the Sun is only constructive as long as it acts on already present process of synthesis of life, and or was or is intelligently and orderly directed by someone, not by chance.It is a fact that living organisms have evolved to be highly structured, and much lower in entropy than the substances from which they grow.But it is The author’s explanation of entropy as related to the second law of thermodynamics totally contradicts itself”.In equation form, we can write this as ΔStot = ΔSsyst ΔSenvir However, the explanation of this, is simply the reverse.Natural Selection is NOT “evolution” First of all, evolution is NOT a fact, neither is the fact the living organisms “have evolved to be highly structured”.It never improved the quality of life, nor much less reduce the entropy of life here in Florida and the rest of the States affected by its destructive force.The Sun with all its energy can only produce destructive results, unless intelligently directed.It was in order to decrease the actual entropy of that particular set of marbles.Those are active actions coming from an intelligent agent. That is not called chance, that is called INTELLIGENT intervention.


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  3. Are celebrities more likely to divorce or break up? Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Scott Patterson, 59, and his partner had split up. Is the actor best.

  4. It's sort of fitting that death was staring Scott Paterson in the face when word of Gilmore Girls' demise came. Scott Patterson by Mark Lidell/The CW.

  5. Scott Patterson. 37,930 likes 1,543 talking about this. Scott Patterson is a businessman, investor & an accomplished actor in film & television. He is.

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