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”Later, on the Promenade, hundreds of balletomanes peered into Yellin’s limpid slabs of layered, low-iron glass, mesmerized. and creative director of the clothing company Alice Olivia, notes, “I learned a while ago that it’s good to invest in artists who want as badly as Dustin does to be famous. You might say he’s entered the Establishment.”As a congenital outsider, Yellin would make an unlikely member of any ruling caste.

Before long the Stable became a 1990s meeting place for the young, the glamorous, the gifted, and the dissolute.We took it very seriously—an amalgamation of different disciplines working together.”Landscape designer Taylor Drayton Nelson, a member of Kern’s Brown clique, says, “He always had the magic keys to clubs and restaurants.The velvet rope disappeared for Dustin.” Yellin elaborates, “I met Giuseppe Cipriani when he was starting downtown Cipriani.With help in the form of a monthly rent check sent by his mother—“directly to the landlord so he wouldn’t use it on drugs,” she says—Yellin leased an old stable in the then desolate perimeters of Chelsea. At Spy and at Bowery Bar, I met all the 80s artists, the Lemonheads, Karen Elson.” He befriended both Shalom Harlow (“I had never seen a model before”) and Angela Lindvall, whom he eventually dated.Yellin’s succession of dazzling liaisons has puzzled many of his friends.The 40-year-old artist, predicted to be bigger than big, has been courting fame with a purpose: to create a “cultural Utopia” that's part gallery, part think tank, part school, part science lab, and part Factory-esque party zone.On a frigid night last February, the California-and-Colorado-reared Brooklyn artist Dustin Yellin fidgeted in Row K of Lincoln Center’s David H. The Yellins were such newcomers to Manhattan’s mainstream cultural elite that neither had ever been to a ballet.“I spent every cent of it on drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll,” Yellin says.He hitchhiked through New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand, “read Freud, learned about Warhol, wrote bad poetry, and dropped acid in Bondi Beach while watching ”When he returned to Aspen, Yellin found that a girl he knew had taken up with an older man, a physicist.On Durazzo’s first visit to the Stable, Rene Ricard cautioned Yellin’s latest acolyte, “Be careful.Dustin could be a religion.”Durazzo says, “I knew I was hitching my wagon to the right person.


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