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What is stratigraphy dating

At an archaeological site, strata exposed during excavation can be used to relatively date sequences of events.

At the heart of this dating technique is the simple principle of superposition: Upper strata were formed or deposited later than lower strata.

There were exceptions: William Henry Holmes published several papers in the 1890s on his work for the Bureau of American Ethnology describing the potential for ancient remains, and Ernest Volk began studying the Trenton Gravels in the 1880s.

Stratigraphic excavation became a standard part of all archaeological study in the 1920s.

Mark Schmitz at Boise State University (BSU) is designed to provide new radiometric dates and further refine the chronstratigraphy of the region's strata.

The BSU lab uses the highest precision dating methods available, with U/Pb analyses of zircons yielding dates with an error around 0.1%.

However, the presence of fossils was inescapable in the early decades of The Enlightenment.

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If the date on the car license plate is preserved, they can say with certainty that Stratum A was deposited in that year or later.

refers to layers of sediment, debris, rock, and other materials that form or accumulate as the result of natural processes, human activity, or both.

An individual layer is called a stratum; multiple layers are called strata.

Stratigraphy is a term used by archaeologists and geoarchaeologists to refer to the natural and cultural soil layers that make up an archaeological deposit.

The concept first arose as a scientific inquiry in 19th-century geologist Charles Lyell's Law of Superposition, which states that because of natural forces, soils found deeply buried will have been laid down earlier—and therefore will be older—than the soils found on top of them.


  1. In archaeology, the study of stratigraphy involves looking at the natural and cultural layers that make up an archaeological deposit.

  2. Stratigraphy is a key concept to modern. Some degree of dating objects by their position in the sequence can be made with known datable elements of.

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