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The course emphasizes the intrinsic relationship between human societies and geologic processes, hazards and resources. Hands-on laboratories using about one hundred representative gems and minerals.

Not open for credit to students who have taken ESS 210. View course details in My Plan: ESS 103 ESS 104 Prehistoric Life (3) NWFossils and how they are preserved.

Includes weekly visits to labs in ESS and related fields. View course details in My Plan: ESS 119 ESS 201 Earth's Climate System (3) NW E.

View course details in My Plan: ESS 104 ESS 106 Living with Volcanoes (3) I&S/NWExplores volcanoes and volcanic eruptions on Earth and in the solar system.

Examines how volcanoes work and how they affect the environment, life, and human societies.

Illustrates principles using local examples of recent volcanism and ancient examples of mega-eruptions. SULLIVANIntroduction to the new science of astrobiology, study of the origin and evolution of life on Earth, and the search for microbial and intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. Offered: jointly with ASTBIO 115/ASTR 115/BIOL 114/OCEAN 115.

Description, phase equilibria, origin, and associations of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. The physical, chemical, biological, and plate tectonic evolution of the earth's crust, seawater, and atmosphere. Focuses on linkages between these environments to illustrate coupling between landscapes and seascapes. View course details in My Plan: ESS 230 ESS 290 Special Topics (1-10, max. View course details in My Plan: ESS 290 ESS 301 Geology of the Northwest (5) NWGeologic history of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Emphasis on use of geologic principles in interpreting evidence found in landscapes and rocks. Prerequisite: either ESS 101, ESS 105, ESS 210, ESS 211.


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