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Userdisp aspx not updating

For a complete list of fields, see further down this blogpost under "User Information List Fields".When we grant any user permissions to a user, they are added automatically to the hidden User Information list a new item will be created in the User Information List storing some information about the user.For this example we will map the common and the most logical fields we usually use. If you notice when you run the code it will give you all the List Items and in our example we have 2399 items, we need to filter it further because the whole list contains Users, Active Directory Groups and Sharepoint Groups.What we need to sync only are the Users so we need to identify which are the users somehow.

One way is to enable auditing under site collection administration for "Editing users and permissions". Lists table in the content database holding this site collection. The query should be: Select tp_ID From Lists with(No Lock)where tp_Title = 'User Information List' 3. Press enter and now you will find that the fields are populated with User Information List and you can create the alerts.

It is the site (Web scope) level data and the User Information List (hidden list) is created for the Root Web of each site collection.

While User Info stores data of the site collection level.

So the Profile Synchronization job needs to run in order to get the data replicated to the site and this may take up to an hour. Ensure User(@"web"); The above code will give you the SPList Item object which links to the currently logged in user (the one executing the request) and you have almost all the details about the user you can play around it and user it further.

If information about a user is already stored in the user information list and the information changes in the user profile it will be synchronized with the data in the site collection by the Quick Profile Synchronization job. Site User Info List;// Get the Object of current logged in user SPUser user = SPContext. You might be wondering why should I do this when Sharepoint can do this already though User Profile Synchronization, well that is partly true because in Sharepoint Foundation 2013 and even on 2010 it is not available.


  1. Timer service recycles are probably not related but it's worth looking into later. There is a timer job that runs to push details from the UPA to Site.

  2. We added a custom field Division to active directory. The sync from AD to User Profile Service is working correctly, as our MySites correctly show this custom field.

  3. SharePoint redirects to show user details in this. If the User Profile service application is not enabled. "Updating User for {0.

  4. Update user profile for user whose account name has changed. The behavior appears to be that the account name is not changed. ie Person.aspx?accountname=Domain.

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