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The Chicago Bears have arguably the most storied history in the National Football League, thus becoming a legend while wearing the orange and blue has many perks.Many of these so called perks allow an athlete to enjoy the fruits of his labor off the field as well.“I have a six-month rule,” she said, revealing Evan has only met two men since her divorce 10 years ago.“I don’t introduce my son to anybody unless someone makes it six months.” Tick-tock, Urlacher!They had a son together who was born in 2005, but the couple never married.A month after their son was born, Urlacher filed for custody.

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WILLOW SPRINGS, IL -- Another chapter was added to sad saga of former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and one-time girlfriend Tyna Karageorge's ongoing custody battle over their 12-year-old son. 12 in Cook County Circuit Court over claims that Urlacher, his attorneys, and a Chicago Tribune reporter schemed to portray her as a murder "suspect" or "person of interest" after her husband committed suicide in 2016, so that Urlacher could gain custody of their son. The civil lawsuit names Urlacher and his attorneys Donald Schiller, Leslie Arenson, Anita Ventrelli and their law firm, Schiller, Ducanto and Fleck, LLC, and another attorney, Thomas Raines in her 34-page civil complaint.

Karageorge is also suing Chicago Tribune reporter David Haugh and the Chicago Tribune on grounds of defamation of character and presenting her in a false light.

Karageorge, who by then had a second son from another relationship, married Ryan Karageorge in September 2016.

After agreeing to send their son to spend part of his winter break with Urlacher in Idaho and Arizona, Tyna and Ryan Karageorge were returning home early from a party on Dec.


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