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Updating your credit report

And if you need your credit score to increase so you can get approved for a loan or get a better interest rate, you're probably eager to see improvement soon.Unfortunately, there’s really no way to predict how soon your credit score will go up or how much it will go up.Capital One offers a free Trans Union Educational Score.Check with your credit card issuer to find out whether they provide free access to your credit score.At the same time, having negative information added to your credit report can offset positive changes you might have seen to your credit score.For example, if you receive a credit limit increase (therefore lowering your credit utilization) but a late payment is also added to your credit report, you may not see your credit score improve. Seriously negative information can weigh your credit score down making it take longer to improve your credit score.

The more recent these items are, the more they will impact your credit score.

Paying down a large credit card balance or getting a credit limit increase, especially before your account statement closing date, can impact your credit score relatively quickly.

Both of these improves your credit utilization, which is 30% of your credit score.

Once the error is removed from your credit report, it will factor into your credit score right away.

You can monitor changes in your credit scores for free by using Credit or Credit which give you free access to your non-FICO credit scores.


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