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Updating xml jsp html form

If you have not configured Tomcat for multiple instances by setting a CATALINA_BASE directory, then $CATALINA_BASE will be set to the value of $CATALINA_HOME, the directory into which you have installed Tomcat.It would be quite unsafe to ship Tomcat with default settings that allowed anyone on the Internet to execute the Manager application on your server.

To maintain the CSRF protection: Note that JMX proxy interface is effectively low-level root-like administrative interface of Tomcat.In order to perform paging, ordering, searching etc, Data Tables can remove rows and cells from the document (i.e.those rows / cells which are not needed are not inserted into the document).This increases performance and compatibility, however, it means that submitting forms which span multiple pages requires a little bit of additional work to get the information that is not in the document any longer.The is used to show the information from the form, but an Ajax call to the server with the form data could easily be performed.The data can come from many data sources: static XML file, XML web service, SOAP web service, or any page generated by PHP, JSP, ASP, ASP. Changed data can be uploaded to server without submit (AJAX) the page.Methods of upload can be HTML form POST or SOAP XML.One can do a lot, if he knows what commands to call.You should be cautious when enabling the manager-jmx role.Therefore, the Manager application is shipped with the requirement that anyone who attempts to use it must authenticate themselves, using a username and password that have one of manager-xxx roles associated with them (the role name depends on what functionality is required).Further, there is no username in the default users file ( The HTML interface is protected against CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) attacks, but the text and JMX interfaces cannot be protected.


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