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Updating multiple values palin speed dating

Here is a simple update: And, of course remember to commit.

I work a lot with Data Warehouse data, where we many times have duplicate data for speed purposes, etc.

Only the '_id' field must not be specified since it's an internal field maintained by Mongo DB.

As a result of the update command you should see the following output indicating that one document has been updated.

To update multiple fields of a document the command looks like this: db.customers.update( , ); For numeric field values it is possible to modify the value regarding their old value.

Write Result() Note: Even if there is more then one document which firstname field is "Max" only the first document will be updated. For more information how to update all matching documents see chapter "Update fields of multiple documents" .And, some times, rater than using a ginormous INSERT or UPDATE statement, I actually build the records first with mostly empty columns, and then fill in a few columns at the time.A couple of examples of when I do this is that I built a dynamic contest framework for my company, and also a Commission Calculator for recalculation of commission.If only one field of a document should be updated the "$set" operator can be used.The set operator will override the old value of a specified field.BTW – If you are interested in where I get the data for these examples – they are from the sample schemas (OE, HR, etc.) that comes with most Oracle database installations.But, you might have to have your DBA activate the schemas, and give you access.Some examples of DDL can be can be one condition, or multiple, dependent on what you need. be that you want to update just customers that are located in one area of the world.But, the syntax example above might not show the whole truth, since we can have a situation like this: In the expanded version of our UPDATE syntax above, the value that we want to update column1 with, actually comes from a different table.Note: Although only the first name and the email fields changes in the customer document, each field must be specified in this update command because the whole document is replaced.Values that are not specified in this update command will not be available in the document anymore.


  1. The row-value notation is useful for updating two or more columns of a table from the result of a single query. An example of this is in the full-text search feature of the Fossil version control system. In the Fossil full-text search system, documents that.

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