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Updating modem driver instructions

After you upgrade your computer to Windows 10, if your ZTE Modem / ISDN Drivers are not working, you can fix the problem by updating the drivers.It is possible that your Modem / ISDN driver is not compatible with the newer version of Windows.After downloading your driver update, you will need to install it.Driver updates come in a variety of file formats with different file extensions.

If you encounter any problems while updating your drivers, you can use this feature to restore your previous drivers and configuration settings.Some of the information contained within this documentation, including the support contact information, is subject to change.NETGEAR regularly releases new firmware versions to improve product performance and add new features.There are two ways to update your ZTE Modem / ISDN drivers.Option 1 (Recommended): Update ZTE Modem / ISDN drivers automatically - Novice computer users can update drivers using trusted software in just a few mouse clicks.You can run a ping test to determine the status and speed of your Internet connection using a website's domain name or IP address.If you are unable to ping both a website's domain name and IP address, this would indicate that there is no active connection present and that you will need to troubleshoot your Internet connection.OR Option 2: Update ZTE Modem / ISDN drivers manually - Find the correct driver for your Modem / ISDN and operating system, then install it by following the step by step instructions below.You’ll need some computer skills to use this method.The service includes support for the following: NETGEAR Pro SUPPORT services are available to supplement your technical support and warranty entitlements.This article will explain how to enable, update, and reset your computer's network adapter on both Windows and Mac operating systems.


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