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Updating metal window awnings

Now, it's probably one of my favorite parts of the house, and is almost definitely the most popular place to spend a cool summer evening... I opened up the previously closed transom window above the door and created a little grill-ish metal piece for it.Also, I replaced the front door with one that had a large window, keeping the great orange color that my husband so proudly chose for it (I made a curtain for the door in almost the exact same orange that folds down at night via magnets to make the door look completely orange).Rinse with plain water and allow the awning to dry well.Use an emery cloth to smooth areas of the awning that feel rough when touched.Name: carma358Location: Baltimore, Maryland Type of space: Front Porch Tell us about your outdoor project and how you enjoy it: My front-of-house project has been a very slow, but very rewarding one.When we bought the house two years ago, it had awnings a shade of green that even a green-lover like me couldn't live with.

Tape these areas with painter’s tape that has a wide width.

The porch was painted with a pale blue-grey marine paint. It is a high-gloss European marine paint that covers like a dream and lasts way longer than any other porch paint I've come across.

The front garden was completely roots from the two trees in front of the house, and I spent a good two days cutting them out.

One of the biggest decisions we had to make was whether or not to repaint them or ditch them all together.

Since the house is so small, the front porch really acts as an extra room, and since it was also the first impression people had of the house, it was important that it also look inviting. First, we made the decision to keep the awnings but paint them a darker grey than the house.


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