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Updating mandriva

Kubuntu: Mandriva: Kubuntu: Mandriva: Kubuntu: Mandriva: There you can see the difference between fonts in Kubuntu and Mandriva.So, I’ll try Open Suse 11 official release, maybe they have solved the install software problem, until I found other thing I’ll be using Kubuntu, I’m tired for so much publicity ubuntu gets, but it works fine for me…for now.I configured some repositories, I updated the system…not much problem.The thing I don’t like was everytime you run the software install tool, it synchronizes with the repositories, son you have to wait a lot of time because the mirrors were slow, for me.Choose your own environment We believe a linux distribution should reflect open source diversity.Mandriva Linux is the only distribution including both KDE (4.3.2), GNOME (2.28.1) all integrated.Well, I had to build my atheros madwifi driver, that wasn’t much problem, make, gcc, linux-headers, madwifi-source…all done, Kubuntu detected at first boot.I didn’t notice any performance difference, Debian was just as fast as Kubuntu so, I already have my Kubuntu configured, the performance is the same and I avoid a pair of bugs using Kubuntu…I didn’t find a reason to change Kubuntu for Debian.

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You can also choose one of the 11 extra backgrounds contributed by community members.Anyway, the big problem I found, the reason I don’t use Mandriva are the fonts.The rendering is so…UGLY and DIRTY that I didn’t feel fine reading them.That was a little thing, there was other little things, not very important but I didn’t like it neither, there is an applet in the panel that shows you what devices are mounted to extract, mount or dismount them, there appears a floppy disk icon, I have a floppy drive but I never use it, so I disabled it in the config menu, it disappeared but, as before, it was there again when I loaded the system!I like my settings to me saved, I don’t want to spend 3 minutes setting up the environment every time I boot my computer.Pendrivelinux provides simplified information to make it easy for anyone to install, boot, and run their favorite Linux Distro from a portable flash drive!I’ve been trying linux distributions dor a while and there are things I like and things I don’t like.Next I tryied Open Suse, I like KDE and Open Suse has a name as a KDE distro, even Linus Torvalds recommends it.I tryied Open Suse 10.2 and 10.3, it worked great, it has a “control panel” where you can configure the system, something I liked a lot, Kubuntu doesn’t have it and I think it wont since Canonical gives priority to Gnome and the KDE version is not so nice in wizards or admin tools.UUI – Universal USB Installer Easily install your favorite Linux operating system on a flash drive or USB key no larger than your thumb (Thumb Drive).Your Portable Linux operating system can then be taken with you, and run from any computer that can boot from the USB flash device.


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