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Updating home entry

Ostensibly, a home’s front door is there for one reason and one reason only: to let people come and go while keeping the inside environment secure and separate from the outside. It is often the first thing that draws the eye of a passerby or visitor.

It also sets the style and mood of your home, welcoming guests with an air of elegance, friendliness, whimsy, or warmth.

At night, the hanging fixture shown here makes the portico glow from within.

When deciding on your light, pick a style that complements your home's architecture.

By using an install-ready prehung door, you can make this upgrade in a day.

Choose from dozens of designs and three durable materials.

Brush on a fresh coat of paint to make your entry pop.

A pale yellow accented with bright white trim can replace a drab putty-and-cream palette.

Important design changes: Balconies which create a horizontal element across the entire home which breaks up the vertical wall on the right of the home (before).

Here are five elements you should keep in mind when revamping the approach to your own home...

Exterior lights illuminate house numbers and focus the eye on the entry.

Just be sure to pick saturated colors if your house gets direct sun, as pastels will look washed out. Turn a dull concrete stoop into a showpiece by capping the treads and risers with stone.

For example, the same New York bluestone used for the treads can be echoed in the new mortared front walkway, creating a seamless transition between stoop and path.


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