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Updating d80 firmware

We're going to look back in five years and laugh at whatever gets announced this year in digital cameras. Big, fat digital indicators on bottom, the same as the other Nikons and much easier to read than the lower-contrast, thinner digits in the 20D and 30D.

Digital gets better every month, and only God knows what new gear is coming in March 2007. Viewfinder: BIG; much bigger than the D70 or D50 and the same as the D200. Free, optional (via a menu) rectangular grid (The ,000 Canon 5D requires buying and changing a focus screen! It uses the Multi-CAM 1000 Module, same as the D200. The center sensor can be switched to wide-frame operation.

The D40's superb Up-Down-Left-Right - OK nav key is much bigger, better laid out and clicks with more certainty than the puny, mushy thumb key and separate OK button of my D80 and D70.

The D40 is even smaller and lighter, with the same perfectly good image quality as my D70, so for me, I prefer my D40 for the great majority of times I don't feel like hauling my D200.

I bought my D80 for portability, and my D40 is even smaller.

If you have something to shoot now, get what's available today and never look back. Obsolete doesn't mean discontinued; obsolete means that there are better ways of doing something. ) I always leave my grid turned on: it's a big help getting level shots. An Auto-Select mode can choose AF areas automatically.

Inkjets went obsolete in 2004, replaced by better Fuji and Noritsu printers at every discount store, but people still buy and struggle with new inkjet printers. I'm unsure how new new is since the D200 does the same things. Nikon now calls it "3D Color Matrix Metering II." This is less than the D200's 1,005 segments, and still way more than enough.


  1. Does your camera have the latest firmware? This topic is one that I often find myself explaining in more detail, and one that many people aren't even aware that they can update their camera's firmware, and how this may affect their digital camera. An analogy is to updating the version of software on your smart phone.

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