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Official Military Personnel Files A former Marine may request a copy of his/her records directly from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) by writing: National Personnel Records Center 1 Archives Drive St.

Louis, MO 63138 Telephone: 314-801-0800 Fax: 314-801-9195 E-mail: [email protected] an administrative error is contained in a former Marine's records, such as a misspelled name, digits of a social security number have been incorrectly typed, etc., he/she may write directly to the agency that holds their records for correction.

As VBA transformed into a paperless environment, the RMC began its transformation into a centralized resource center for VBA.

Providing specialized services in a digital environment with direct services to Veterans, their families and Survivors, as well as continuing to provide value to internal VA partners in support of VBA’s claims processing goals.

The RMC receives between 125,000-150,000 requests annually.

To help support this workload, the RMC successfully transitioned staff from the previous, paper-based missions such as processing incoming medical records from the service branches, which ceased as planned in December 2013.

The RMC screens the requests to confirm accuracy, then routes the requests to the appropriate service branch’s central cell, or Single Point of Entry.They may contact this agency to request their medical records by writing to: DD Form 214 Any former Marines who are released prior to 1999 wanting copies of their service records or DD Form 214 or any other service record documents must write to the following address: Director Navy Personnel Command Pers-312D2 Room 5409 9700 Page Avenue St. Louis, MO 63132 Tele: 314-592-1150, 4009, 4085, or 4086 Marines requesting a copy of their service record, DD 214 or any other documents who were discharged from the Marine Corps after 1999 must write to MMSB at the following address: Headquarters US Marine Corps Manpower Management Support Branch (MMSB-10) 2008 Elliot Road, Suite 205 Quantico, VA 22134-5030 Tele: 1-800-268-3710 Marines wanting a copy of their medical records must write to the following address: Department of Veterans Affairs Records Management Center P. I submitted documents to my S1 to get added to my ERB and PPW three months ago but for some reason, my S1 has not updated my records.I could have made cut-off for promotion twice if my records were updated on time.Over time, the RMC’s holdings grew to include more than seven million paper records, roughly half of which are inactive claim folders relocated from VBA Regional Offices (ROs), the other half consisting of “stand-alone” (i.e. Between 1966-2012, the RMC matured as VBA’s primary resource for managing paper records.The VA Liaison Office (VALO) was established in 1999 to liaison with the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) for personnel and medical records, and service information from military records in NPRC’s custody.Developing for and obtaining these records has long been a challenge within VA, as there are more than 4,400 reserve units and Adjutant General’s offices nationwide.Without a standardized directory or readily available points of contact issued by the service branches, it often proved difficult for a Veteran Service Representative to reach the unit and obtain a response sufficient to move the claim forward.A team from VBA’s Office of Field Operations worked with the RMC to develop the concept for centralizing compensation-related FOIA and Privacy Act requests.A pilot was conducted with five stations from March to June 2014, and the nation’s workload was fully transitioned to the RMC by March 2015.


  1. Dec 04, 2008 This is for my OMPF I recently ETSd from the Army. Where, how to update my Army records? . is there a way to take a record updating AFPT outside of.

  2. Office of Legislative Affairs. Medical Records. Army. Air Force. Coast Guard. Joint Chiefs of Staff. Veteran Affairs. Secretary of Defense.

  3. Dec 26, 2013 One Soldier One Record One Army To learn more, please visit The Soldier Record Brief Your Record. Your Career.

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