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Updating anthy

As of January 2014, ibus-anthy is mature and stable, and can be used to author Japanese documents in Libre Office version 4.1 by typing Romaji on a U. The input method is named after Anthy Himemiya, a character from the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena.

I use jolla-anthy-jp on Sailfish X, works great so far. Your initiative should act as a slap in Jolla's face.

Add the following lines to your desktop start up script files to register the input method modules and support xim programs.This is the same with any other input method framework, so please use the GTK and Qt input method modules instead of xim whenever possible is installed.Unset Only Show Current Language if you want to enable a input method of a different language.Installing these via apt-get, synaptic, what-have-you, should pull in all the dependencies you need.Now all that’s left is to add the uim-applet to the Gnome toolbar, right click on it.The notion that US women are looking for their Hollywood hunk can be even further debunked when you consider that social status and wealth did not even rank in the top ten of desired requirements.If you are a busy professional and you're looking to meet a woman who understands the importance of having a successful career, look no further!The actual solution to OP's problem is simply to open @Earthliŋ Honestly, none.Just found this question because I had the same problem as OP.Anthy is a package for an input method editor backend for Unix-like systems for the Japanese language.It can convert Hiragana to Kanji as per the language rules. The Romaji is converted to Hiragana on-the-fly, and the Hiragana is likewise optionally converted to Kanji, with multiple Kanji equivalents presented for selection.


  1. Updating anthy dic. Rated 4.23/5 based on 524 customer reviews. I can't imagine Ubuntu doing anything particularly distribution-specific with IBus/ Anthy though?

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