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Learning how to dirty talk in bed is the easiest thing to do if you understand the little details that matter.

You may feel awkward or find the whole idea embarrassing to begin with.

He was swaying the control and the phallus was moving up and down, I started moaning in tempo. At the moment when I pulled his fat hot prick out his hand slid into my blouse and gripped my tit and pinched my nipple.

Shyness is a good trait but we have to satisfy all the desires of our clients in our café. When Felix lowered this machine down I came up to him and began unzipping the fly of his pants. While I was working on his pants he squeezed my breasts slightly through the blouse. - I’ll tell you the truth but, please, don’t torture me with that control, – I pointed at the terrible dildo-operating handle.

But when you realize that there’s nothing dirty about dirty talking, and that it’s actually really sexy and arousing, and can do wonders for your sex life, you may even start to like it!

He felt sorry for me and made the toy a bit smaller but then it entered me even deeper. This is the café where the client can experience the most erotic dreams and he can pick any girl he likes and do whatever he wants with her… The owner of the café tries to invent new ways of delighting our customers. It is seldom if a customer leaves us without having shot a portion of his cum on a naked girl’s body. Some men like the women like me and when we have such clients I am invited to a separate room with them to provide our “special” services. It was short, about a half of a usual real penis long, but it had a big head. Yesterday my boss called me and said: - Margaret, today you go to room two. I came up to my closet, took off the uniform and remained in stockings and a lacy garter. Now I realized why the table was transparent – to see the toy stick placed between the legs of a descent and intelligent woman. On impulse I had a strong desire to feel it inside, to feel how it moved. A few seconds later I opened my eyes and saw a rigid cock with a dark-red swollen head in front of my face. But then I realized it was Felix who had stimulated his phallus nearly to the peak of sexual tension. You will have a sensual conversation with a nice man, our privileged customer. I looked into the mirror and decided to choose an office style. It was so short that my vulva lips were seen, so I had to put on black narrow panties. At first short transparent white blouse that revealed my nipples and areolas. I felt the sinewy shaft moved down and my lips stretched after it and when the dildo returned the lips turned up. He caught my eye and said: - The scenery is really exciting. And while I was taking his big testicles out my, nipples became very hard. His phallus wasn’t as hard as a rock but was rather rigid. He was observing avidly what was going on under the table. It happened simultaneously and we moaned at the same time. Can you, please, make it smaller for me to stand up, – I asked. I returned to my armchair and sat down spreading my thighs. - So, my seductress, what are you thinking about at the moment? Don’t think that I’m going to lie on the carpet and ask you to fuck me.


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