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He was born circa 1110 and succeeded to the throne of his father, Enna, in 1126.He was a ruthless leader and demonstrated the ferocity of the times by killing or blinding 17 rivals in 1141.Demot Mac Murrough has for centuries been blamed as the man who caused, or at least facilitated the invasion and subsequent subjugation of Ireland by outsiders.Recent revision of this history however, have been less critical of his actions.It seemed likely that Ireland would remain a minor Kingdom except that fate intervened.

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"Have you seen that video of the guy getting dragged off a United flight?According to the V&A’s director, the regal setting is intended to serve as a “living room for London,” by which he presumably means a living room for Kensington, the museum’s neighborhood, which is among the world's wealthiest.In late June, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was summoned to consecrate the courtyard, said to be the earth's first outdoor space made of porcelain; stepping onto the ceramic expanse, she silently mouthed, “Wow.”The Sackler Courtyard is the latest addition to an impressive portfolio.The newly installed Sackler Courtyard at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the most glittering places in the developed world.Eleven thousand white porcelain tiles, inlaid like a shattered backgammon board, cover a surface the size of six tennis courts.In 1166 this long-running and bitter feud resulted in Mac Murrough being driven into exile by the Gaelic Chieftains. Dermot Mac Murrough was a deeply ambitious man who refused to accept his exile.He made his way to the Court of Henry II of England and offered to become a vassal to the King in return for military aid in retaking his kingdom.His later support for Henry II in France led to his being named Governor of Ireland.He died in 1176 suffering an infection during a raid by Irish rebels.He became involved in a dispute with the King of Breffney, Tiernan O'Ruark, whose wife he kidnapped in 1153.O'Ruark formed an alliance with Rory O'Connor who was the recognised High King of Ireland at the time.


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  5. Dermot MacMurrough was the King of Leinster during the twelfth century and is most remembered as the man who invited the English into Ireland. He was born circa 1110 and succeeded to the throne of his father, Enna, in 1126. He was a ruthless leader and demonstrated the ferocity of the times by killing or blinding 17.

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