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But, he also realised something else: that many of us don’t have the tools to sustain a relationship.So, he set about creating an event that was about making meaningful connections – where you have the time, space and right environment to give each other your 100% undivided attention and tap into each other’s ‘energy’ during the first encounter instead of it being something fleeting and disposable.Back in the entrance of the yoga studio (which, incidentally, is fragranced like a 5-star spa), I’ve been handed a black pouch, full of cubes imprinted with the same letter ‘B’, which hangs from a leather thong so I can place it around my neck.The men are handed empty pouches, each with a number on the front, which they too wear as jewellery for the evening.As, I think, are the swelling number of people who quietly turn up for the occasion.We are at a yoga studio in Manhattan on a Tuesday evening, waiting for a Tantric speed dating session to begin.

I also wear a dress which is floor-length, but only at the back.I might as well have walked in on my parents doing it.But, if Tantra is really about connection and being present in the moment – giving your partner your full attention – I’m not surprised they have such a great time between the sheets.As we move into the candlelit studio, we remove our shoes and are asked to stand in a traditional puja circle.With phones on silent and in bags, ridding us of that electronic prop we so often turn to in challenging social situations, we continue to bask a little longer in that awkward silence until Guy kickstarts the night.Yep YOGA now is able to formally help your dating and love life.Denver YOGIs will get their first encounter with this coastal affair on December 7, 2017.With tickets in hand, head over to Full Moon Books and Event Center to reserve your spot for namaste romance with a Tantra Speed Date.Tired of swiping, mindless chit-chat and awkward first dates?From my safe place behind the curtain, I glance over at two women and a man sitting in awkward silence on a large, low couch — until another fellow speed-dater bounds up and asks them to budge up, breaking the silence — much to everyone’s relief.Before I attend I’m told the dress code is ‘celebratory casual’. The majority of men look like they work in IT and have come from the office.


  1. Sep 12, 2017. You'll share a few moments of connection with each date in a traditional Puja circle. Exercises are fun and PG-rated think communication games, actor's improv, partner yoga, etc. and of course you're always in charge of how you want to participate. After the event, you'll receive your matches. What folks.

  2. Nov 11, 2017. Tantra Speed Date - Where Playful and Mindful Meet! Saturday, November 11, 2017 - pm. Still Yoga - 2395 Glendale Blvd - Silverlake, CA, 90039. Learn More ⭐ "I saw plenty of connections being made. men and women gazing at each other, laughing, and thanking each other.

  3. Lauren Everly studied the art and science of dating from the top experts Tony Robbins, John Gray, and more. A certified professional coach, she also helps host Tantra Speed Dating events, and is currently creating an online program to streamline your dating success. Sessions may not be available much longer, so book.

  4. Collection of Workshops and Evenings of a Spiritual Nature. TantraSpeedDating, All-Love Heart Centered Healing, Reiki Training, Retreat Center, Blue Lotus Clinic in Albany AND MORE!

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