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And it suggests the al-Qaeda chief could have been caught as early as 2002 or 2003 when the car in which he was travelling was stopped for speeding.Bin Laden had settled in Abbottabad, living for more six years in the custom-built house with his three wives.This is the story of the raid from inside the high-walled compound and told to Pakistani investigators.The report of the Abbottabad Commission, obtained by al Jazeera, heaps scorn on Pakistan's political and military establishment for failing to realise the world's most wanted man was living in a town barely 30 miles from the capital, and almost within sight of the country's officer training academy.This is not another gung-ho account of the raid on bin Laden's hideaway told by the Navy Seals who mounted the assault, nor is it the gripping climax of Zero Dark Thirty, Hollywood's version of the story.

The United Kingdom and the United States have also accused Iran of backing Shia militias in Iraq, which have at times attacked Coalition troops, Iraqi Sunni militias and civilians, and Anglo-American-supported Iraqi government forces.

One day a few months before the raid, Rahma, a daughter of one of the couriers, spotted a picture of bin Laden on Al Jazeera and recognized him as the man she called "Miskeen Baba" – or poor uncle – from the main house.

The television was quickly banned and all interaction between the two families ended.

It accuses the authorities of a catalogue of failures, missing a string of discrepancies that should have led the hunt to the secretive villa in Abbottabad.

"Over a period of time, an effective intelligence agency should have been able to contact, infiltrate or co-opt [Osama bin Laden's support network], and to develop a whole case load of information. It also details the way the world's most wanted man was able to move through the country's north-west almost at will, building himself a house, fathering children and hiding in plain sight.


  1. Fourteen foreign nationals and four Afghans were killed when the Taliban attacked Kabul‘s Intercontinental Hotel overnight on Saturday, Afghanistan’s.

  2. On the landing outside their refuge Amal saw the dark form of an American Navy Seal steady his weapon, a red laser ray trained on her husband's chest. She.

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