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CHAPTER XL V., Down Dentdale 420 lovely valley — Dent Head — Alpine railway — Monkey Beck — Floods and avalanches — Lee Gate and the Quaker Chapel — Marble works? CHAPTER XLVIL, Flood Scenes in Dentdale 433 Gill scenery near Dent — The raven in Dentdale — Recent remarkable flood — Author's experiences — Lake scene from Dent churchyard — View of Colm Scar and Hackergill — The Scene in Flintergill and High Gill — No market at Dent — Adventure to Sedbergh — Renewal of storm — Aspects at Gate Hou Be — A break-down — Peculiar odour — View of Brackengill — A " cloud " cataract — Sublime water-scene — Other floods — Fatal waterspout on Whernside. CHAPTER XL., All about Penyghent 390 Flood -rakes on Penyghent — A k« ••• ... 4Ut) Aspects at Ribblehead — Blea Moor an ancient snow-field — Glacial relics — Ling Gill — Inns— Gearstones, old market — Source of the Kibble — Thorns Gill — Eatnot Cave — Ling Gill, its geological character — A former powerful stream — Linn or Ling Gill ? — Citation of 13th century- fine — Ancient bridge — Picturesque aspects of Ling Gill — Its vegetable interest — List of species — The Arenaria gothica, a new British plant — Other interesting botanical discoveries— Brow Gill Cave — Calf Hole — Ingman Lodge — Batty Wife Hole — Ranscar Caves. 412 Cam End — Boundary of the Mowbray Chase — Hawes — Meaning of Hawes — Upper Yoredale, a forest of red deer — Hawes Chapel — Charter for market — Romantic scenery — Hardraw and Simonstone — The scar waterfall — Geological peculiarities — Meaning of Hardraw — Buttertubs Pass — Mossdale Gill — Disastrous flood — Plant life — Hawes Junction — Around the Moorcock — Old pack-horse road — Hellbeck Lunds — A seat of Danish pirates — Wild animals — The last wild boar — Grizedale — Gift of the valley to Jervaux Abbey — A walk through Garsdale — An old coach-road — Scientific character of the dale — Bow Fell Tarn— Garsdale celebrities — No inn in Garsdale — Grand approach to Sedbergh. — Early history of the Sedgwicks — Some local institutions — Accommodation at Dent. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's hooks while helping authors ami publishers reach new audiences. You can search through I lie lull text of this book on I lie web at |http : //books . Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Do not assume that just because we believe a bk is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. 11 CHAPTER XVIL, Walks about Bentham 201 Bentham Plague Stone — Mortality from the Plague — Interesting Justice's Warrant to keep " watche and warde " on the roads — Cessation of the Parish Registers in 1665 — Bentham Bridge — Three days in the Wenning — Wonderful instance of re-animation — A walk into the next county — Robert Hall and Catherine Parr — Lovely scenery — Wennington — Waterscale. CHAPTER XXIII., Through Kingsdale to Dent 257 ■Character of Kingsdale — Danish occupation — Keld Head — Braida Garth— Greygarth Boulders — Various Pot-Holes — Rowten Cave ; a tremendous chasm — Other" Pots" — Yordas Cave— Braida Garth " Pots "— Pre-historic cairn — Kingsdale Head — Grand view — The Dent Fault, and glacial evidence. 287 Earthworks and tumulus — Kirkby Lonsdale a Danish town — Past and present aspects — Old inns — Origin of market — The parish church — Underley Hall — The celebrated view from the churchyard — Lovely scenery — Caster ton Woods — Old corn-mill — Casterton village and church — Roman highway. — Other Simon Hills and their pre-historic remains — The School of Simon Druid — Ascent of Simon Seat — Marked stones - Beltane feasts — A Sunset on Midsummer Day. 300 Walk to Gargrave— Flasby Fell— Sharp Haw, a beacon during the Spanish Armada — Red deer— A wonderful fox-hunt— Robert Story — His life at Gargrave — Poetry and Politics — Removal to London— Gargrave Church — Description of the village — The Meets of the Craven Hunt — Some private mansions. 305 Otterburn — Gomersall family— A local poet — Otterburn Hall — Monastic cell at Otterburn— Drift hills— Post-glacial lake -Opening of pre-historic barrow — Description of contents — Remains of ancient ring-dwellings — Traces of Open Field cultivation — Ancient name of Ryeloaf Hill — Danish Camp — Roman villa at Gargrave — Effect of anticlinals on landscape — Kirk by Malham — Stocks and Ducking Stool — Last use of Ducking Stool in Craven — Calton, and General Lambert — Calton in old times — Hanlith Hall — Hanlith Moor — Ancient barrow — Unique glacial boulder — Malham. John Gibson — Curious will — Stones fired by the Scots — A model church — Some rare relics — Fine old bell — A watch-tower in the Wars of the Roses — Bentham Registers — Burial in woollen — List of Rectors — Public institutions — Old Grammar School — Fox, the Quaker, at Bentham — Trade tokens— Ancient market-cross — The Black Hole — ** Tweed Dobbie " an I Barguest — Beautiful scenery — Four Stones — Waterscale Wood and Cave. CHAPTER XXL, Ingleborough : Its Origin, History, and o Cfi Nfillx ... Bruntscar, Homeshaw, and Ivescar Caves — Scar Fall— Irruptions of the Scots— Discovery of coins — Rare plants— The Ice Age in Yorkshire — Stone circle— Sepulchral cairns. CHAPTER XXVII., Around Skipton 29a Up Dales — Thorpe-sub-Montem — Threapland— Old houses— Threapl and Gi Jl and Cave — Elbolton — Curious knoll-reefs — Knave Knoll Hole — Discovery of human skeletons— Beautiful view— Walk to Barden— Simon Seat — Who was Simon ?

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Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often diflicult to discover. Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Holden— Ancient bells — Plague at Horton— The parish registers— Interesting Terrier — Old Free School — Football Field. Richard Frank land — Remarkable flood scenes — Cleatops — Stone circle— Anley — The late Mr. CHAPTER XXXIX., Horton-in-Ribblesdale 383 Extent and situation of Horton parish — Meaning of Horton— Domesday notice — Grants of lands to the monasteries — Dispute in 1224 between the Abbot of Fountains and Jervaux — History of the manor— The church — Bone-house — Curious discovery— Interior of church — Ancient glass— Supposed dedication of church to Thomas a Beckett — Another version — Kent families manor-lords of Horton — Dr. CHAPTER XIV., Clapham to Ingleton 178 The old road from Clapham to Ingleton — Newby and Furness Abbey— Local properties of the Abbey— Deer park at Ribblehead— Newby Cote— Ascent of the Scars — Caves and pot-holes — A tremendous abyss— The Craven Fault — Rontry Hole- Cold Cotes— The Tow Scar Fault— High Leys and Holly Plat House— Glorious prospect— Yarlsber and the Danish Camp — Ease Gill Glen and Waterfall — Beautiful scenery, geologically explained. CHAPTER XVI., Bentham 185 Bentham — Roman and Saxon remains — The church in Domesday — Ancient families — History of the manor - Gibson's Green and Dr. — Recent " discovery " of the Tngleton glens — Formation of an Improvement Committee — Confusion in local nomenclature — Place-names explained — The glens and scenery described — Rare plants— Beautiful views— Scientific peculiarities of Thornton Force- Raven Ray — An ancient lake— K eld Head- Beasley Glen— Geological aspects —Back stone Gill Gorge— Glorious prospect — Silurian Slate quarries— Return to Ingleton. 12 CHAPTER XXIL, In Chapel-le-Dale 243 A remarkable dale — A Yorkshire Wonderland — Storra Caves — Erratic Boulders — Ingleton " granite " — God's Bridge— The capital of Ingleton Fells- Interesting little chapel — Hurtle and Gingle Pots— Weathercote Cave — Turner and Westell — Douk Caves— Barefoot Wives' Hole— Mere Gill— Tatham Wife Hole— Up Whernside — Extraordinary caverns — Gatekirk. 153 Clapdale Castle — The Ingleborough Cave — Its discovery and history — Description of the interior — Age of the stalactites — Floods in the cave — Extent of the Excavations — Measurements — Clapdale Pass and Cave — Trow Gill — An extinct waterfall — Gaping Gill — Flood scene — Descent of the Gill — A wild prospect — Ascent of Ingleborough. — Some strange tales — Wild flowers — The Holly Fern here yet — Seventy kinds of ferns collected — The famous Norber boulders — Their history and wonderful aspects described — Nature's oldest cathedral — Effects of the Ice Age — Ancient dried-up lakes — Robin Procter's Scar— Lovely view. 178 A land of caves, gulfs, and swallow-holes — Their origin and aspects scientifically explained — Cave hunting on Ingleborough — A wild tram}) — Long Kin holes and cave — Marble Pot — Juniper Gulf — Simon Fell Caves — Alum Pot — Ascent of Simon Fell — The Druids — An ancient forest — Local place names. 18a Walks between Clapham and Bentham — Newb} T Moor — Holland Moor — Mewith Head— Clapham Wood Hall and the Faradays— The Glasites — Eeasden — Lumb Falls — Queen of Fairies Chair — A tramp over Burn Moor — Four Stones, kc. 21 v Causes of the scenery about Ingleton — The various rock formations — The Ingleton Coalfield — The great Craven Fault — Sub-divisions of the Fault — Their several directions explained — Immensity of the downthrow— Analysis of the Ingleton Faults— The age of the Craven Fault — Igneous Dykes — Effects of the Ice Age at Ingleton— Glacial drift and boulders — An extraordinary fragment— Ancient lake — Examples of ice-borne boulders. 22S Gray, Southey, •' Barry Cornwall," and Adelaide Anne Procter at Ingleton — Turner, the painter, at Weathercote Cave, &c. ••• ••• ••• ju Q& Up Ingleborough — Its extent and character — The oldest mountain in Yorkshire — Comparison with Snowdon— Physical structure explained— Sectional details — Botanical aspects — List of native flowers and ferns— The creeping things — Advent of Man — Ancient beacon — Celtic huts on the summit — Roman occupation of Ingleborough — Analysis of the prospect—" Jubilee " fires. 10 CHAPTER XL, Ingleborough Cave and Gaping Gill ... 161 Walk to Austwick — Peculiar examples of u glaciation " — Former importance cf Austwick — Old landed families — Austwick Hall — The Church, Cross, kc. CHAPTER X., Clapham 145 Charming Clapham — Former aspects— Flying Horse Shoe Hotel —Its meaning explained — Ancient state of the manor — Old families — The Church and Market Cross — Old Manor House— Sir Michael Faraday, son of a Clapham blacksmith — Ingleborough Hall — Romantic cascades — Old coaching days. 17 CHAPTER XLVI., Dent 425 * Disputed nomenclature of Dent — Meaning explained — An old Danish settlement — Anciently Deneth — The Dentone of Domesday — Review of the manor — Danish proprietors before the Conquest — The Fitz Hughs — Origin of clan of Metcalfe— Dent "statesmen "—Old local industry—" Terrible knitters i' Dent" — Aspects of old Dent — Singular incident — Old customs — Parish church — Description of interior — Local longevity — Grammar School — The Sedgwick s — Late Aid. — Blake Gill — Cowgill Chapel — Historical sketch — Danish occupation of Dentdale — El am family — Mary Howitt and Dee-side- mill — Geology of Dentdale — Ibby Peril and its ghost — Gibshall, and Hope on, hope ever — Gib shall tannery and the Sedgwicks — Hell's Cauldron — Hackergill Cave — Deepdale. CHAPTER XLVIIL, Sedbergh 437 Extent of Yorkshire — Physical characteristics at Sedbergh — Beautiful scenery — Cautley 8pout and the Howgill Fells — Glorious view — Situation of the town — Whitaker's interpretation of Sedbergh — Author's view — Sedbergh a Roman outpost — Castle How — Saxon and Dane — Meaning of Sedbergh explained — Local pronunciation— Position at the Conquest — Grant of manor to the Staveleys — The Claphams — History of the manor — Assessment in 1584 — Monastic possessions at Sedbergh — Appropriation of the church by Coverham Abbey — Description of the church — Local charities — Grammar School — Some men of note educated at the school — Brimhaw — Market cross — Stocks and ducking-stool — Inns. 444 Ingmire Hall — Brigg Flatts Meeting House — The oldest but one Quaker establishment in England — Historical sketch — Old coaching inn — Beckgide Hall and Sir John Otway— Otway family — Middleton Hall and the Hiddletons — Description of the building — Ancient chapel — Grimes Hill — Middleton church — Hawkin Hall, and the poet Milton — Roman mile-stone, a rare relic — Scenery of Lune — Barbon and the Shuttleworths — Aspects of the village — The church — Up Barkindale to Dent — The Dent Fault.


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