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Sucka dating

This report unfairly and inaccurately paints MTV with a brush of irresponsibility.

During the time outlined in this report we did not receive a single complaint about the content of the videos.

Sucker Free Countdown, its 2-hour top 15 countdown, aired Sundays at 11AM ET/PT and 11PM ET/PT.

Sucker Free originated from a block branding of hip-hop videos on MTV2 Sundays (called Sucker Free Sundays) in 2002, and eventually became the branding of MTV's main hip-hop program weekdays from 2006 until 2008.

In October 2012, the show was re branded as The Week in Jams. Its previous moniker, Direct Effect, debuted on September 25, 2000, and was more robust in comparison to Sucker Free.

From its start, it was marketed and produced almost like a hip-hop version of TRL.

We take our responsibility to our viewers very seriously.

And have a self-imposed standards group that looks at every video and appropriately rates all of our programming. The Daily edition is only half an hour block of hip-hop videos and aired originally Mondays-Thursdays at AM ET/PT.

In 2009, the show was cut of its host and other familiar elements and aired as a top 5 countdown known as SFL 5. When MTV Tres re-launched in 2010 as Tr3s, SFL5 was not included in the new programming line-up and effectively cancelled.

Interracial relationships, handling racist friends and family, booty calls and friends with benefits, dat Sucka Free Love!

provides down to earth, street-smart insight into hundreds of the tough issues facing dating singles today.

Inexperienced high school and college-aged women can learn by reading about the poor choices and foolish mistakes of others.

More mature women back on the market are provided with tools to date smarter in a changing social market.


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