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I just got some cocoa nibs the other day thinking i want these, but am not sure what to make…..perfect. Cocoa nibs are dry roasted pieces of cocoa beans, essentially the purest form of chocolate. I think cocoa nibs are really underutilized and hope more people give them a try!They are very crunchy, like nuts, and have an intense chocolate flavor. @Newkiwi, are you curious more about the end result, or about the process of making them?

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Then, set the cookie upright on the parchment paper, pressing down firmly, but gently, to create a flat “foot.” Use a jar or bottle to support the cookie while the foot cools, or just hold it until the caramel hardens.I have not had much success cutting these cookies into non-round shapes. Once the cookies have cooled completely, simply pick up each cookie and snap off the ragged edges.The goal here is not to “cut out” the cookies like you would with an unbaked cookie dough, but rather to stamp “perforations lines” onto each soft, semi-molten cookie. The excess will break away cleanly, leaving you with a perfectly round cookie.Use a small ice cream scoop or Tablespoon to measure out even, rounded portions of dough.Drop the dough onto the prepared baking sheet, bearing in mind they will spread considerably; leave about 4” between each cookie.In a medium pot, melt the butter and honey together.When they’ve liquefied, add the sugar, salt, and espresso powder.You will seriously regret making these cookies on a naked cookie sheet, or even a buttered one. Have a few large, round cookie cutters standing by too.Chop the pecans and cocoa nibs until no large pieces remain (aim for a chunky mixture with pieces the size of nerds candy). In either event, toss the chopped pecans and nibs with the flour and cocoa and set aside.You can also use another caramel-dipped cookie as a support by placing the two cookies together in a “T” shape.Once the feet become hard, store the cookies in an airtight container to prevent the caramel feet from becoming sticky.


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