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It is constitutive of these times in which diversity is claimed as the highest good that there should exist a demand that everyone should think alike or at least not utter heresies in public.

the establishment of which it almost universally regards as having been a great achievement, perhaps Britain’s only great achievement of the 20th century.

The difference in the standard mortality rate of the richest and poorest is now almost double what it was when the NHS that foreigners somehow envy them their health service, which might just be true in Nigeria but is certainly not true of any European anyone has ever met.

On the contrary, the NHS has a dismal reputation among all Western Europeans and its hospitals are to be avoided like night-time excursions in Dracula country.

Perhaps there was also the hope that one would get more out of it than one had put into it, that it was a kind of lottery with a much higher chance of a winning ticket than in a normal NHS had no egalitarian effect, rather the opposite.

The difference between the health of the top economic decile of the population and that of the bottom decile, which had been more or less steady for decades, began to widen immediately.

The people who will pay the price for the wicked folly of the Department of Health will be the British people, who will come to be treated by a professional body of uninterested timeservers while their rulers seek first-rate medical treatment elsewhere — that is to say the Prince of Wales spread propaganda for his brand of hocus-pocus.

Also posted in alternative medicine, bureaucracy, bureaucracy (bullying), chakras, colonic irrigation, crystals (healing power of), Department of Health, doctors, folly, hocus-pocus, homeopaths, homeopathy, homeopathy (state-funded), hopi candles, ignorance, King's Evil, medicine, mycobacterial cervical lymphadenitis, National Health Service, politicians, Prince of Wales, Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health, scrofula, snobbery, snobbery (social), timeservers, tuberculous cervical lymphadenitisold ladies in their 80s worried about their appearance are not high on the National Health Service’s list of priorities; and this, combined with a severe shortage of dermatologists, meant that she could not be seen on the NHS for 18 months.

Also posted in British Medical Journal, cant, Dalrympian dialect, dialect English, dialect English (archaic), English, English (modern), English language, Gibbon, Edward, language (verbose), National Health Service, NHS apparatchiks, NHS managerial language, NHS managers, NHS-speak, official memoranda, official prose, officialese, verbose languageis part of the persistent attempt by the government further to debase and demoralise the medical profession.

The point is not to raise the status of alternative medicine, as Prince Charles has no doubt been gulled into believing, but to lower the status of orthodox medicine.doctors are trusted by the population, while politicians most certainly are not: therefore they, the doctors, represent a danger to the politicians.

The five-year survival rate for colorectal cancer is 51.6% in Britain but 59.8% in Sweden, while the 30-day fatality rates for myocardial infarction in these countries are 6.3% and 2.9% respectively.

Dalrymple points out that continental Europeans residing in Britain the indestructible affection in which the British hold their National Health Service.


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  4. In England, writes Dalrymple, the hold on the intelligentsia of statist solutions to practically all problems is still immensely strong. Nowhere is this more evident.

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