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Siberian ice maiden carbon dating

On a harp (05/17/17) First Aid Kit, "America." Music that helps us transcend (05/16/17) Attractive illustration from 1892 patent (05/15/17) Beautiful universe.

Keyboard without end (05/23/17) Largest musical instrument in the world (05/20/17) Man turns peanut butter into diamonds (05/19/17) Intriguing. Video documentary (05/18/17) Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

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Over time, the 2 colors will be evenly distributed between top/bottom half.

Buddhabrot and Logistic Map (09/19/17) Real dandelion seed puffs preserved as they're about to disperse (09/18/17) Breaking News. (09/07/17) This is a fractal object called a Menger Sponge.

Cardioid cam (10/01/17) Combination of patterns and colors trick your brain into thinking this still psychedelic swirl is actually moving (09/30/17) 1964: Seeing dinosaurs from the comfort of a car at the Ford Pavilions Magic Skyway, New York Worlds Fair (09/29/17) Your skull is at top (09/28/17) The myth that humans have exceptionally large brains for their body size (09/27/17) This may be frustrating for those who are obsessed with order and neatness (09/26/17) From sponge to humans (09/25/17) Venn diagram: uppercase letter glyphs are shared by Greek, Latin & Cyrillic alphabets (09/21/17) Cortical atrophy in Alzheimer's Disease, associated with loss of gyri and sulci (09/20/17) Mathematics can be mystical and beautiful. This is beauty and complexity (09/16/17) Bizarre new spiny caterpillar turns out to be a sequence of birds (09/15/17) Creating an ellipse (09/14/17) Identical masses roll down. The cusps of smaller curves have continuous contact with next-larger hypocycloid (09/09/17) On a tautochrone curve, time taken by objects sliding to lowest point is independent of its starting point (09/08/17) How many of these interesting female mathematicians have you heard of?

(Actually, it's an awesome "waterspout".) (05/11/17) On the incredible beauty and mystery of math art using Fourier series (05/09/17) Physicists make it possible to 3D print your own baby universe (05/08/17) The mysterious Soap Bubble Nebula (05/07/17) This is humor dealing with placebo effects (05/06/17) Equilateral triangle converts to a square with only four hinged pieces (05/02/17) Sly spider disguises itself as ant: to eat ants, and to avoid being eaten by ants (05/01/17) Ever wonder what grad students in math do all day?

(05/12/17) Looks like an antediluvian god reached toward Earth, heralding a new age.


  1. Reality Carnival Clifford A. Pickover's Headlines at the borderlands of science from parallel universes to exotic sushi to religion, science, and psychedelics.

  2. Posts about Ancient Technology written by Ironlight. Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian Explorer in Search of Odin. Thor Heyerdahl – Norwegian biologist, geologist.

  3. Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for NOVA Ice Mummies - Siberian Ice Maiden 1998 - on AllMovie - This television.

  4. Program Overview for the NOVA program Ice Mummies—Siberian Ice Maiden Glimpse the Ice Maiden's tattooed body and. They use radiocarbon dating.

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