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If I'm craving a better night's sleep, I'll almost always opt for a female-only dorm if that's an option.Additionally, I find it easier to make friends with women, so opting for a women-only dorm means I'll have more in common with my bunkmates, and won't have a problem finding someone to head out for dinner with.

You'll most likely find it's nowhere near as bad as you imagined.Both men and women can be thieves, so take care to keep your things in lockers while you're out exploring.Even if the travelers in your room seem like they're trustworthy, remember that you don't know them, so don't take any risks.Even if most of your friends are of the same sex, travel is about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things -- what better way to do so than by creating a new circle of friends?If the idea of a mixed dorm freaks you out, try it anyway!In general, the girls who opt for female-only rooms tend to be less about the partying, so you'll be unlikely to be woken up at 3 a.m.by drunk people shouting and switching on all the lights.There are a few disadvantages to mixed dorms: With guys and girls mixing and hanging out, hostel hookups can be more likely in those mixed sex dorms.Pack some earplugs in case you're unfortunate enough to have to witness this, and you'll hopefully sleep through the night without being disturbed.I've also found that women travelers can often be a bit more respectful of sleep times in dorms, and as a woman, it's less intimidating to have to ask a group of women to keep the noise down than a group of guys.If you value your sleep, therefore, you may prefer to sleep with just women in your room.


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