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Howard said a lot of stuff happened while they were off.

Robin read a story about the kids who were in that horror house where they were chained to their beds. Robin said they're learning about everything from Harry Potter to i Pads. Robin said they say they're warm and loving and they appreciate everything they're given. Robin said there were some first responders who didn't want to respond.

He said that they used to have kids at America's Got Talent who didn't understand sarcasm so they didn't work in the audience. Robin said he's issuing all kinds of apologies now. Robin read about the shooting in Florida while they were away.

Howard said he gave 2 interviews and said some crazy shit and then his daughters got a hold of him and stopped him. Robin said she decided that the summer Olympics is for wimps. Howard said he has no idea what she's talking about. Robin read a story about a conference that will be about demon possession at the Vatican. Robin said you don't go running out of the plane when you have the wrong ticket.

Robin said we have to take care of each other in this society. He said that he was done after Ross the Intern questioned Omarosa about the White House. Gary said Omarosa had an asthma attack after spinning around.

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He said that you can't have a cop who runs and hides when the shooting starts either. Howard said what he got from it is that Omarosa mixed it up and made it interesting. Robin said she was just wondering if he's limiting it. He said JD is young and will jerk off to anything weird on the internet. Robin said the movie is the highest grossing film released in February.

Howard said that it's an issue about people feeling safe.

He said the officers didn't react and the teachers and kids were on their own. Howard said to him the most obvious thing is to have barbed wire or a fence at least. Howard said they have an armed officer at that one point. He said you can have a metal detector at every school.

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