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But if you'd like to take your masturbation experience to the next level, we recommend the following masturbation toys: The Aneros: Discover your "male G Spot" with this medically tested prostate stimulator, which is also designed to provide stimulation to the perineum.Our Aneros users have reported more intense orgasms and increase volume of ejaculate while using the Aneros.

Click here to learn more about our orgasm denial training programs Orgasm denial sessions are 2.75 per minute with a mimimum of 10 minutes. At Cock Control, we can do wonders with just your hand, a phone, and a bottle of lube!

We're especially looking forward to trainees who would like to experience the Advanced Group Orgasm Denial Training program.

In this program, you will submit yourself to teasing and training by ALL of the Mistresses at Cock Control.

You drop to her feet and masterfully, you suck on each of her toes. As looked down I noticed he must be feeling really good. Finally, deciding that I would give him the best present, something I had been denying him. Gave him the details and told him that I had a surprise for him. I carefully waxed and made sure my pussy was silky smooth. Transforming your body from what it once was to something you can barely live with on the day-to-day. Then I slip into a very short little cocktail dress and look in the mirror. The hem of my dress hits right at the top of my thigh highs.

You massage her feet until she moans, and she places fingers inside her pussy. His cock was getting hard and flowing into the water. Lathered on my favorite lotion, sweet pea, and sprayed perfume on the nape of my neck, my wrists, and between my breasts. Knowing that at any moment you will surely agree to do the unthinkable just for a moments relief. Being the resourceful seductress that I am, I take off the thigh highs and put on a pair of very sheer pantyhose under my dress.


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