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Sex chat between lovers

The study showed that couples who are comfortable talking about poop together are happier than couples who feel it's a gross or shameful subject.

but according to an old study that was recently resurrected on the internet, it totally should.

That's why Thrillist writer Jeremy Glass strongly suggests that all couples have what he calls "the poop conversation." According to Glass, the poop conversation is "an open and very honest chat between two people in a relationship about each other's bathroom routine, including what your loved one should expect (always open the window afterward), what to avoid (said bathroom directly after a crap has been taken), and whatever you need to discuss to obliterate any poop-related weirdness." Why is this necessary? "Every relationship is bound to have its awkward moments," Glass notes.

Well, I’ll wait a few minutes before I take a shower.” Person 1: “Might want to take 20 minutes.” Person 2: “Yikes.” Person 1: “Wanna have sex? Think of the poop talk as the precursor to the wedding ring.I watched You Tube videos of his band, Statehood, scanning for hints of what his voice sounded like, afraid I’d already forgotten.The memories of my life as Clark’s caretaker buzz in the back of my brain at a low hum.Here's a handy sample conversation for you to try: Person 1: “My god, I can’t believe what just happened in there.” Person 2: “Haha, what?” Person 1: “Well, let’s just say it’ll be a long time before I have another bite of Mexican food.” Person 2: “Why’s that?In the end, feeling embarrassed about the world's most natural bodily process is just ridiculous. Take it from James Joyce, who once proudly claimed that he could pick his wife's farts out in a room of farting women.When you love someone, you should love them fully, and that person that you love is literally filled to the brim with poop, so why not love that part of them too? If that's not true love, and true acceptance ... The poop conversation breaks down walls and secures a level of intimacy few people get to experience." In fact, Glass suggests the poop conversation is one of the most important conversations you'll ever have in your relationship because it "opens up a whole new world to one another and catapults couples to a place of utter security, trust, and intimacy that most people only have with their best friends or siblings." So, how do you broach the topic and actually have this magical poop conversation?As Glass suggests: "Being on the brink of an emergency rectal blowout is the easiest time to gracefully slip the act of defecation into the conversation." Start off with something like, “I love you babe, but I'm about to ruin the bathroom with the force of my shit.Two years ago, I was on autopilot when I changed his diaper or scrubbed the smell of urine from the armchair he sat and slept in.I didn’t question how I found the strength to support his crumbling frame as we hobbled to the bathroom.


  1. Sep 12, 2016. Why talking about poop with your partner is the most important conversation you'll have. And intimacy isn't just about sex or "talking about your feelings. According to Glass, the poop conversation is "an open and very honest chat between two people in a relationship about each other's bathroom routine.

  2. Sep 5, 2008. Whereas people having online affairs tend to reduce their problematic nature, their offline partners often do not see any difference between online and. Accordingly, cybersex is not merely a conversation about sex, but a form of sexual encounter involves experiences typical of other encounters, such as.

  3. Jun 2, 2016. 10 Ways to Start a Conversation Around Sex and Desire. If only it were as easy as donning black lycra and dancing around to the classic 1990's Salt n Pepa song. There are so many reasons why good communication is paramount to a good relationship, yet communicating effectively around sex and.

  4. Feb 9, 2012. I can break down Clark's illness into one diagnosis metastatic melanoma, one prognosis between 4 and 14 months to live, three surgeries, three clinical trials, seven hospital stays, three doses of chemotherapy, and five weeks of hospice care. The first surgery, a deep lymph-node dissection of the left.

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