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Samples of online dating profiles

To put a final point on it, online dating isn’t the best arbiter for your attractiveness number.

Everyone becomes choosier online because we’re comparing you to other, younger, taller, richer, smarter people in a way that we don’t in real life.

I’ve always used a metaphor to describe people and their attractiveness ratings. You’re targeting wealthy people who want the best of the best in everything. People respond to confident people and whether the confidence is deserved or not doesn’t really matter, as long as each delusional pot finds a delusional lid.

Listen, we overestimate ourselves because it’s necessary.

If not, you’re overestimating yourself, no matter what “number” you think you are.

Sure, you can put your face up on Hot Or Not or buy one of those Ugly i Phone apps to gauge your “scientific” attractiveness rating. More telling is this: does anyone that you want to date want to date you back?

I think this is true for EVERYONE online, men and women.

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  4. Heather. Evan, I really liked this entry, it’s really interesting. I think this is true for EVERYONE online, men and women. I’ve heard some horror stories from.

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