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Rob dyrdek dating erika schaefer

These world recods were icing on the cake to Rob Dyrdek net worth.

This professional skater tried to enter the world of toys by creating Wild Grinders.

Nevertheless, nothing can stop this skateboarder from trying new tricks and also building a skating park elsewhere so that amateur and pro skaters alike can practice their tricks.

Erika Schafer is known as Rob Dyrdek girlfriend and there are a lot of rumors about them being together, but when it comes to their relationship or personal lives the couple does not talk about it with the media.

Rob Dyrdek traded his Los Angeles Mansion for this house perhaps because he wanted to get nearer into the action Location: This stunning home is located in the celebrity-filled community of Hollywood Hills.

You should also take note of the double shower in the master suite.Still having that high-pitched ceiling, visitors would be given that illusion of having more space despite the room being big enough.It's not surprising that Dyrdek considers skating as his hobby because it is the same sport wherein he got to be famous. Thanks to the first skateboard that was given to him by Neil Blender, a then professional skateboarder, he started dreaming of making a career out of it, a step which became crucial to Rob Dyrdek net worth. He became interested in skateboarding when he was only 11 years old.This skater also has a few gigs up his sleeve aside from riding the rails and ramps.Rob Dyrdek and his million net worth had a few stints on a number of reality shows such as Rob and Big and Fantasy Factory.Dyrdek started skating a year after and was able to get a sponsorship with the same company that Blender was with.Because of Dyrdek’s determination, he eventually became the youngest member of the famous G&S (Gordon & Smith) skateboard team.He states himself that skateboarding was like an obsession for him, because he used to sit in school and think about all the tricks that he is going to make as soon as the classes end.Rob used to skate until he was made to come inside because it was too late to be outside.


  1. Rob Dyrdek is the name of the worldwide known businessman and reality show host who has the net worth of $50 million. Rob has been dating with Erika Schaefer.

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