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The shock and denial has passed, the pain and guilt trudged through. Many have moved on to stage four - depression, reflection and loneliness. There is not anyone who can take us forward,” one figure of the Labour right said."That's not to say there aren't people who are doing good work - there are, but there is just no one to rally around. ” At the suggestion that the former frontbencher and Streatham MP Chuka Umunna could be the person, he wrinkles his nose, “he's not the one, is he”.But the worst thing about British comedy these days is its predictable Leftiness.Its most merciless jokes are always directed at the bogeymen it thinks (wrongly) we can all agree on: Brexiteers, Conservatives, those unsure about gay marriage or the politics of trans loos. Through the gloom of political correctness, as the rules governing what one cannot say and laugh at grow ever more numerous,...It was September 2015 that those on Labour's right suffered the shock of seeing the most ardent left-wing backbencher - someone they never would have dreamed would become leader - brush aside all opposition and snatch their party’s crown.

I recently spied a banner hanging from the top tier of a stand that declared it an area of “Kop Socialism”.Two years ago Momentum was seen as a threatening shadowy force trying to infiltrate Labour, now it is an integral part of conference with Shadow Cabinet members speaking at its events every day.The degree to which Corbyn’s part of the party has won is also measured in the now willing cooperation of the front bench.Shankly’s successor, Bob Paisley, was regularly seen donning cardigan and slippers as he shuffled along to the paper shop, moving among his people.There’s more substance to these claims than say, the Chelsea fans’ flags stating that Jose Mourinho was “one of us”.One Shadow Cabinet level source said: "What they are doing, it doesn't look good.They lost, but they are angry and complaining still.And while they are complaining things are moving on, they are getting left behind.They need to stop talking about how they're being treated, accept the situation as it is and start talking about what matters to people." The Progress rally was hosted in a screen at the Odeon used to showing blockbuster movies, but it was the event across the road, where Momentum’s World Transformed event was bubbling along, that attracted the new young and idealistic members.When the “Special One” was sitting in his luxury home, sipping fine wine and counting his euros, I doubt he had anything in common with the zero hours employee from the World’s End estate that spends all he can on an overpriced ticket for the Matthew Harding Stand!If Mourinho was part of the “capital” of Chelsea FC, then capital and labour had never been more detached.


  1. Since 2002, right-wing militants have killed more people in the United States than jihadis have.

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