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Please, go to add your unit's link, if we don't have it. We still have many of the old links up, as it is a process to do a lot of them.The uniforms of the United States Army distinguish soldiers from other service members. One of the first Army-wide regulations, adopted in 1789, prescribed blue coats with colored facings to identify a unit's region of origin: New England units wore white facings, southern units wore blue facings, and units from Mid-Atlantic states wore red facings.Mess dress is the military term for the formal evening dress worn in the mess or at other formal occasions.

This uniform functions as both a garrison uniform (when worn with a white shirt and necktie) and a dress uniform (when worn with a white shirt and a bow tie for "after six" or "black tie" events).

The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is the utility uniform worn in garrison and in combat zones by the U. The ACU jacket uses hook-and-loop-backed attachments to secure items such as name tapes, rank insignia, and shoulder patches and tabs, as well as recognition devices such as the American flag patch and the infrared (IR) tab. In July 2011, coinciding with the Army's Birthday, it was announced that effective immediately, the Army Patrol Cap, or "PC", would replace the black beret for wear with the ACU, and that name tapes, rank, and skill badges can optionally be sewn on.

In the field, the jacket may be replaced by the flame resistant Army Combat Shirt when worn directly under a tactical vest.

Army uniform designs have historically been influenced by British and French military traditions, as well as contemporary American civilian fashion trends. The design of early army uniforms was influenced by both British and French traditions.

Army are the Army Combat Uniform, used in operational environments, and the Army Service Uniform, worn during formal and ceremonial occasions.


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  2. The uniforms of the United States Army distinguish soldiers from other service members. dating back to the "Virginia Blues" of George Washington's first.

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