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Pulse stopped updating

Hi guys, Suddenly, Pulse News ( stopped working on my main computer.

Tried uninstalling but even after reinstall, it won't work. Tried creating a new account but same issue happens.

I tried all of the USB ports and it does the same thing.

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I just purchased the Sound Sport Pulse Wireless headphones, and when I downloaded the app on my i Phone it required a firmware update.

It starts at 30 minutes and when it gets to 1 minute remaining, it starts all over again.


  1. Hi guys, Suddenly, Pulse News. stopped working on my main computer. Pulse News Windows App stopped working

  2. And of course the new Linkenin Pulse app is terrible, so has anyone found a good replacement? Or can someone make a similar app to the old.

  3. Welcome to Virgin Pulse Support. How can we help? TOP ARTICLES. What if I am using multiple devices? How do I earn Points? How do I connect to Fitbit?

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  5. The Prüvit Pulse app is the best way to keep up to date. It's always had an issue where it would stop updating and require a cache and data deleteb but.

  6. During a firmware upgrade the process stopped and my smartpen OLED says "USB Upgrade" even after I remove it from the USB.

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