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As he says, “That day was here and then it was gone, but I remember it, so it exists here somewhere, and somewhere all those events are still happening and still going on forever.” Bradley does more than merely state his view that past events continue to happen in the present; he demonstrates it.

At one point, after two young lovers, Chloé and Oscar, have been housesitting for him, he hears the sounds of their lovemaking coming from the basement.

The Bevy offers its exclusive services to well-heeled clients in Manhattan and Los Angeles; while it's free for women, men pony up ,000 or more for a membership.

Putting such a hefty price tag on finding love might be an impossibility for some (or just deeply off-putting to others), but there's still much about The Bevy's more traditional approach to setting up potential mates that can enlighten those suffering from online-dating burnout.

Here's why: One fatal flaw with online dating, says Tufvesson, is that it focuses on matching people based on things they have in common.

Whereas the character Charlie Baxter fears the erasure of the past, his friend Bradley feels the present is, at times, less present than the past and therefore more subject to erasure.

“The past soaks into you,” he says, “because the present is missing almost entirely.” In Bradley’s view, the past is eternally present in memory.

Recently, I asked one of my talented undergraduate students why she wrote all of her stories in the present tense.

“Isn’t that the way fiction’s supposed to be written now?


  1. Oct 02, 2013 Internet dating, social dating, Facebook dating, or the old-fashioned way of meeting offlin.

  2. Online dating can be good or bad depending on how you see the situation.

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