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Podcast not updating on ipod Adult hookup no sign up games

At first, I didn’t think that would be a problem since they did include the new “podcasts” app. You can set it up to play all the episodes of a particular podcast (In the wrong order I might add) but there is no way to setup a playlist of episodes from different podcast feeds. It looks like, to me, that Apple decided to force everyone to use this app instead of how i Pods have worked since they added podcast support back in 2005.

Another thing wrong with the Podcasts app, for listeners, is that if the podcast isn’t listed on i Tunes, and there are 1000’s of them that are not for one reason or another, you cannot easily find or subscribe to them inside the app. This is going to make it even harder for people to consume podcasts.

It still doesn’t have individual episode playlists, but it does allow me to make a playlist of the unplayed episodes of selected podcasts which should be OK.

A thread started by user jplang56 on the Apple Support Communities forum about this problem has racked up 58 replies so far.

I’m a huge fan of both professional and amateur podcasting.

Like many of you, i Tunes is my podcatcher of choice.

What’s annoying is that I must manually click on each exclamation point (next to the podcast title) to tell i Tunes that, yes, I do indeed still want to receive new episodes.

I am so thankful for Doug Adams and his ingenious Update Expired Podcasts v2.0. You click it and it updates all “expired” podcasts in one click.


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