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What I’m curious to find out is if any of my readers have actually sent in a picture of their junk… A caller named Totoy Obama sent in a pic of his junk with the Philippine Star edition featuring President Barack Obama being sworn into office… He claimed to be a doctor from Vegas and he said that he was on a Northwest flight when an “emergency” happened on the plane and he played “hero”…. There’s the occasional “Property of” blah blah which is pretty much par for the course if you’re watching DVD screeners… 🙂 Nude photos of your ex’s This topic was discussed yesterday when a caller related how she’d embarrassed her ex who’d screwed her over by creating a multiply site and posting his compromising photos there… This topic generated a lot of discussion on my blog on Charice, hehe…

John Tron utilizes social networks, Asian dating sites and classifieds to get laid.

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It’s a cautionary tale so it behooves our species to listen… Her name was Charlize and she was asking if it was normal for guys to NOT jack off… I guess after listening to the show, they also read my blog… 🙂 Caller 3 This was one of the coolest confessions that I’ve heard… He predicted a low score for her which proved prophetic… As an additional security measure, you need to post your junk beside a copy of the day’s paper, preferably a broadsheet paper… It was an AWESOME show today and I feel sorry for you guys who may have missed it… She was a favorite jackoff subject then but since then she’s obviously had a lot of work done and it’s all gone downhill for her… Mo called her a liar and said that she’d probably spend all the P250K if it would be possible to get Richard… He said he’d do it just for the bacon 🙂 Pitch in with your favorites, dear readers and make it count, hehe… Did you know that the gorilla has the smallest penis in proportion to its body size? In contrast the male African bull elephant has a wang that’s 6.5 feet long… The blue whale is also packing some heat down there as the longest measured wangbone came in at an astonishing 8 feet… 🙂 For more “educational” stuff, check out this article…

Recent studies have indicated that excessive jacking off will increase your chances of having prostate cancer… And all this while I thought it was good for your health… The reason that she asked was that Mo had earlier propounded that it is the norm for men to have their way with themselves if they’re alone and naked… Now any true blooded horndog has always had fantasies of doing identical twins… An identical twin slept with his twin brother’s girlfriend when the girl was wasted on alcohol… I love this segment except for the abortion and molestation story… Read on for the transcript and other extracts from today’s show: Bushisms With the assumption of President Obama of the presidency of the United States of America, former President George “Dubya” Bush is leaving a “legacy” of bumbling speeches and incoherent mumblings, officially known as Bushisms. This is to prevent some idiots from just grabbing a photo from the internet and claiming it as their own junk… It made up for the horrendous traffic jams I had to wade through in getting to the office… You have this blog to update you or if you wish you can head on over to Tonting’s site for the day’s recording… So with further ado, let’s do the recap: Mariah s Carey Mo talked about Mariah Carey’s new version of the song Hero and how scary she now looks compared to when she did the original version of the song in 1993… Stone Cold Stunner I was hesitant to include the story of this girl who called yesterday because her story while it was highly amusing didn’t ring quite true with me…


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