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My CGT needed a good wash which I did in the morning and was ready to meet the boys and girl at Beaumont Road at pm. Lynton arrived in his primrose roadster with the passenger seat graced by his lovely wife Lyn and of course I arrived in my red CGT.Before the Run my email inbox was awash with apologies. Driving his blue MGB roadster was MGC Registrar, John Craven, with all the latest gossip on MGCs.Please pass this on to your MGC register members or at least to the ones capable of using tools. It’s a bit like that Time And Relative Dimension In Space vehicle that the Doctor runs around in. While the world is embracing digital technology the concept of analogue may well disappear from the lexicon.For RHD cars a flat bar works well, I had to add the offset after fitting the AC Compressor pulley. Well the pudding has settled, that’s the Christmas pudding and not the black one. I have always bought my MGs for the joy of driving them. You just have to ask this vehicle to take you to an address and off you go. Probably not, though I’m sure the early versions will have wheels. Try keeping a TC between the roadside verge and the white line as you go off on a car club run.Of course it’s not only limited to older drivers ... Turning the key, yes it has one of those too, the six pistons jump into life and what a lovely sound it makes. So enjoy your old, non-digital, piece of driving history, ‘cos, if you live long enough it might not be possible. I was always cautioned never to buy one because if the electronic ignition failed you were stuck and had to call a toe truck. Cars are becoming more and more automated and driverless car are just around the corner.The speed limits have been reduced from 100 kph to 80 in the Adelaide Hills and 60 kph will be here soon at a road near you (for your safety of course).

” Thanks for coming out on the Hello, it's Richard here again. Yes I know there are many problems to be solved but it will happen. I know some people don’t agree with my thoughts but if not the next corner it will be the one after that.First there was one from Jim who was back of Bourke trying to hold on to his caravan in high winds, then there was Ron who was paddling up Katarapko Creek with his son and grandson, then Robin, who had the weakest excuse of all, was painting his wheels (it’s a bit like arranging your bottles of nail polish isn’t it? We set off up Greenhill Road leading us into the Adelaide Hills.It’s about a 475 meter climb up over the range then down through Summertown and Urailda and turning off at Rangeview Road.That joy is certainly becoming curtailed as speed limits are reduced and speed cam.., sorry safety cameras, have been secretly installed on many roads. That experience may only be available after you put on the vertical reality suit.Traffic has increased, even in the Adelaide Hills, and as we all get older many drivers are agonisingly slow and have trouble keeping their rather large SUVs on the left side of the white line. So my New Year’s revolution will be to drive the old the first thing I notice is the smell, it has one and I like it.Then there was the kind man who gave me a lovely fluffy towel to wipe down my s body which was covered in coolant.If you got into trouble with the boss and she was wondering why the towel had disappeared, just drop me an email and I can return it fully washed.Any speed above 60 kph and the temperature was fine but I decided to follow a slow MGB to Edwards Park which was a mistake. There’s also a few other maintenance jobs I need to do, so the time has come.I want to thank TC driving Thane, who was decked out in RAA gear, for coming to recue me with two containers of water so I could fill up my radiator and my spare supplies.


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