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Allison (Kalish) Leichtman Sharon, Massachusetts Kalish married Jason Leichtman on July 9, 2006, in Brookline, Massachusetts.Brandeis alumni in attendance included Elana (Gross) Lebolt, David Lebolt.By Marjorie Margolis '77 So You Want to Land a Book Deal? 1 bottled water company in the United States and Canada. ADVERTISE IN BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE, AND YOUR BUSINESS WILL GROW TI^ONG To advertise, call Ken Gornstein at 781-736-4220 or e-mail [email protected] icleis L tiiversity Magazine | Spring 07 Brandeis 11 n i \ f r ^ i t V magazine Senior Vice President for Communications Lorna Miles [email protected] Ken Gornstein [email protected] Theresa Pease [email protected] Director Eson Chan Science Editor Laura Gardner Staff Writer Mar|orie Lyon [email protected] edu Production Manager Audrey Gnffin [email protected] Mike Lovett [email protected]"Class Notes Editor Jill Ettori [email protected] Writers Adam Levin '94. The sad truth is that these days, if a publication doesn't look pretty — with headlines and graphics that are going to grab my attention — I will probably be less inclined to read it. Brandeis University Magazine is as glossy as any publication I'd find at a newsstand. Hinda Mandell '02 Boston Left Out The Brandeis community has been striving for diversity since the school's founding. Excuse me, but I have never seen anything but the left point of view coming from Brandeis. Aren't you afraid to stifle in your own narrow-mindedness?A literary agent tells you how to avoid the ten most common mistakes aspiring authors make on the road to publication. Kalafatas '65 special sections Building for Success Development Matters Alumni News Cover: Michael Rush, the Henry and Lois Foster Olrerrnr of rhp Rn-ip Arr Mii';piim. Nestle waters NORTH AMERICA LOOKING FOR A GREAT CAREER WITH AN INDUSTRY LEADER? Our family of 15 well-known brands is built upon natural spring water products, including the Poland Spring®, Arrowhead®, Deer Park®, Ozarka®, Ice Mountain® and Zephyrhills® spring water brands. Our country is divided evenly between conservatives and liberals. I grew up in the former Soviet Union, one of the dinosaurs of a single (left) point of view.He says he looks forward to hearing from fellow Brandeisians and hopes evetyone is doing well.Marina Sokolinsky Brooklyn, New York Sokolinsky married Mohamed Trad on July 22, 2006, in New York.In atten- dance were Brandeisians llena Gizberg, Audrey (Rosenberg) Dulmage, and Robin Kassner.

Would a student from Atlanta or Alaska, Texas or Thailand feel welcome in a class ot first-years that, from this article, looks to be almost exclusively from one region of the country?Spring 2007 university mag a^|'^ e Archives Brandeis University magazine. B378 Michael Rush leads Brandeis's art museum through its next transformation Keeping Workers Fit Kentucky Brethren Spice Is Nice Brandeis University International Business School HIRE FOR GLOBAL SUCCESS. 50 Books 84 Class Notes Alumni profiles, births/adoptions, marriages/unions, in memoriam.ff TIFFANY TALBOn-CAREY MANAGER, COLLEGE RELATIONS & ELECTRONIC RECRUITMENT MEDIA MEADWESTVACO CORPORATION BRUCE WESTGATE PRINCIPAL AND SENIOR INVESTMENT RECRUITER STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS SUDHAYERNENI MANAGING DIRECTOR BLACKROCK, INC. — l„„„^-^l^;::j:^^^^ The Brandeis International Business School is a pioneering professional school dedicated to teaching and research in global finance, management, and economic policy. 111 Games 112 Photo Finish Not such a blast after all.1: Pieces for String Quartet and Piano, was recently released by New York— based record label Roomful of Sky Records.The CD is a break from Robinson's usual singer-songwriter material and instead features recordings of some of his classical music.How will Brandeis International Business School graduates help your firm excel in the global marketplace? To learn more about hiring our students for internships or full-time positions, please call Katherine Prum at 781-736-4854 or send an e-mail to [email protected] 18 26 32 38 6 57 71 features A Dream of the Rose A past priest, psychotherapist, and show-biz whiz kid guides Brandeis's museum through its next transformation. Carrie Simmons Send letters to tlie editor to: Editor Brandeis University Magazine MS 064. MA 02454-9110 [email protected]: Send address changes to Brandeis University Magazine MS 064. MA 02454-9110 Opinions expressed in Brandeis University Magazine are those of the authors and not necessarily of the editor or Brandeis University.contents Spring 2007 Volume 27, Number 1 departments 3 Mail Call 11 Ruminations Keeping workers fit. By Theresa Pease A Flash of Light A New Hampshire teacher gains new understanding by walking in a relative's Holocaust footsteps. Office of Communications©2007 Brandeis University niailcall Looking Good When reading the Fall 2006 issue, I was struck by one particular strength of the magazine: its snazzy format and design.In attendance were Elijah Feinstein '97, Juan Sanabria, Aaron Cohn, and Noam Gundle.As Ellen is a graduate student at UCLA, and I'm wotking on my MD/Ph D at Boston University, we are living a bicoastal existence in Boston and Los Angeles, but will soon be settling in Boston. " Adam Greenwaidd Fort Defiance, Arizona Greenwald is a graduate student at the Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.May I suggest a course at Brandeis to accompany courses on the Holocaust that would focus on other aspects of Nazi rule, e.g., the effect of Nazi rule in France, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Poland, etc., on non-Jews, so that this knowledge would be familiar to anyone who studies at Brandeis?— Robert Silverman '70 Cambridge, Massachusetts Keep It Coming We just received the Fall 2006 issue, and we love it!


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