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Patent number dating chart

After 1916, generally only Granted patents were published.

A new series of 7 digit patent numbers were published from 4 January 1979 to the present, beginning with the number GB2000001. Click on this link to go to the catalogue record to find the exact years and volumes available online.

Under the Patents & Designs Act 1907 (Section 91 (4), these patent applications were printed and given numbers under the six-figure series.

The printing of these foreign patents ceased during World War II.

Classification Search in Espacenet by using either the International Patent Classification (IPC) system or the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system (replaced the European Classification (ECLA) system on 1st January 2013).

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) enables full text searching of over 1.6 million international patent applications from 1978, including selected British patents, via its Search Service Many British patents were also registered in the US, so it may also be worth searching both the Google Patents and USPTO (United State Patent and Trademark Office) sites.


  1. Oct 20, 2010. By far the easiest way to make use of patent information is to check the patent number on your bottle with the following patent date chart. It can quickly give you an approximate date when the patent was issued, and thus some idea of when the object was made. John Wyeth medicine bottle with patented.

  2. Dating American Clocks by Their Patent Numbers. Parts found in many American clocks may be marked with one or more United States patent numbers. This chart will show you the earliest possible date an item marked with a patent date could have been made. Sometimes you may find a part with just a patent date but no.

  3. Your pipe was crafted between 19. Narrow down your dating · Fabrication Anglaise Bruyere 1935 · Dunhill Paris 1939-45 · World Conference 1980 · Military mount 1986 · Patent without date code 1941 · Patent Shell 1918-21 · Bruyere with full-stop after the "A" 1918 · No date code 1920. These Dunhill pipes.

  4. U. S. Patent Number Dating Chart. • www. 925-1000. dk •• www. 925-1000. dk •• www. 925-1000. dk • www. 925-1000. dk •. U. S. Mechanical Patent Numbers 1836 - 2000. 1836 ~ 1 - 109; 1837 ~ 110 - 545; 1838 ~ 546 - 1,105; 1839 ~ 1,106 - 1,464; 1840 ~ 1,465 - 1,922; 1841 ~ 1,923 - 2,412; 1842 ~ 2,413 - 2,900; 1843.

  5. Feb 5, 2018. Finding British patents. Are you searching for a patent registered in Great Britain ? Do you know? number of patent; date of patent; name of inventor; nature of invention. To get started, see the Finding patents page in this guide. Essential information. The number and year of the patent are essential to know if.

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