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Thus, we have learnt how to provide edit/update/delete and insert feature for List View Control. We can also handle these edit, update, delete and insert events in Item Command of List View control. I have the following code in the button_click event, but it does nothing Why don't you just save the names into a list and create a function, called Update, that accepts the list as a parameter and updates the rows? The List View raises this even when an item is being updated.Your code can handle this event but your code cannot raise it.Entropy is "Free Software" (under GPL) and can be downloaded here: -- Ninho On Wed, 0200, in grc.linkfarm,grc.privacy, Ninho wrote: Entropy is a software, which creates a "ne...

This software can be used both by *nix- and Windows-users. Mail is giving error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to ' System. Unable to find an entry point named ' Add' in DLL ' CPPDLL.dll'. Mail Address' I'm getting an error while trying to use the wizard to create a form and than pass it the vaibles to Mail. Smtp Client smtp Client = new Smtp Client(); Mail Message message = new Mail Message(); try catch (Exception ex) { lbl... Hi, In the Configure List View Options I'm unable to select "Enable Editing, Inserting, Deleting". Also when I try to force it, the browser displays error: "Inserting is not supported by data source 'Sql Data Source1' unless Insert Command is specified."When I configure the data source of my listview and I clicked the advance the Generate Insert, Update, Delete Statments checkbox is disabled. How do I enable the checkbox in order to use the add edit delete for my listview? I had to go through about 20 other posts before I found yours. I have a listview control in which I had replaced all the Item Template labels with Text Boxs. To represents a collection that you Add addresses to. Other ones are: 'Debugger Non User Code Attribute' is ambiguous in the namespace 'System. 'Event Args' is ambiguous in the namespace 'System''Compilier Global Scope Attribute' is ambiguous in the namespace 'System. Compilier Services'.'Serialization Info' is ambiguous in the namespace 'System. Serialization' Most of the errors are comming up in files th... I am recieving the max number of errors for my ASP. The errors are simply stated as something like the title.I also have a command button on the page, when the button is clicked I am able to retreive the text in all the Text Boxes one by one by running a For.loop.After reading the textboxes content I want to fire the Item Updating event for each row so that I can update all the rows at once.It would make more sense just to create a method that does the updating rather than try and raise an event which you are going to handle in a method anyways.This help article explains how to manually edit, insert or delete records using the Rad Data Form API. Protected Sub Rad Data Form1_Item Inserting(sender As Object, e As Rad Data Form Command Event Args) Dim inserted Item As Rad Data Form Insert Item = Try Cast(e. Contact Name = contact Names(customer Index) customers. Insert Item Template = New My Template("insert Mode") rdf. Edit Item Template = New My Template("update Mode") Placeholder1. Add(rdf) End Sub Private Sub rdf_Item Deleting(sender As Object, e As Rad Data Form Command Event Args) Dim item As New Hashtable() 'check current mode so you know which template to access. Data Source = my Data Table End Sub Public Class My Template Implements ITemplate Protected lbl Company Name As Label Protected lbl Contact Name As Label Protected t Box Company Name As Text Box Protected t Box Contact Name As Text Box Protected btn Edit As Button Protected btn Delete As Button Protected btn Init Insert As Button Protected btn Update As Button Protected btn Cancel As Button Protected btn Perform Insert As Button Protected mode As String Public Sub New(curr Mode As String) mode = curr Mode End Sub Public Sub Instantiate In(container As System. Data Binding, Address Of t Box Company Name_Data Binding If mode = "edit Mode" Then t Box Company Name.


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