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Tweak 7 Windows 8…sigh For Object Desktop to thrive, it needs a single OS target. Start8 Object Desktop 2013 saw Start8 and Fences become the two stars of Object Desktop.Neither program, however, was about customizing the look and feel of Windows as much as altering the way people work with Windows.The idea behind Tiles is that you have a sidebar with a series of pages on it. Start10’s mission, to keep with our theme, will evolve as Windows 10 stays around longer. In this case, it acts more like a KVM switch or a remote desktop solution.Each page can have different things on it depending on what you’re doing. As someone who deals with a lot of programs, Start10 is probably the first thing I install on a new box with Fences being a close second. What makes Multplicity differnet from a normal remote desktop solution is that it is focused on fidelity from top to bottom.

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The core components of it are: Back then, the idea of “skinning” your Windows GUI was radical.

This resulted being able to create Theme Manager which let users gain total control of the Windows desktop.

Object Desktop 2004 Windows Vista Windows Vista was tough on Stardock and Object Desktop.

Fences 3 But we have a lot of plans in mind for future versions of Fences. Google and Apple are already doing this on their devices. Multiplicity Multiplicity is best known as the program that lets you control multiple PCs with a single keyboard and mouse.

For example, in the age of cloud storage, imagine being able to create fences to Google Drive folders? The mission of Fences, now that Windows 10 seems to be the standard will evolve to incorporate your world into your desktop experience. Tiles Tiles is a program that doesn’t get enough attention. The idea is that you might have a desktop and a laptop or maybe a couple other desktop machines that you have local access to and want to be able to combine these machines into a single user experience. More recently, Multiplicity added support for machines that aren’t local.


  1. ObjectDock Weather Docklet not working anymore Sunday. It's the one that draws from And go me, I tried updating to the newest version.

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